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TYR introduces Carbon Collection for Triathletes

Posted by on 14. September 2014

” Triathlon is a competitive field with each second counting towards the finish time.  TYR gives you their carbon collection that lowers body temperature, regulates breathing, slows heart rate, and reduces lactic acid making the the Swim feel like a glide and the bike and run leg much more comfortable.”

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When it comes to race day, a lot of factors come into play from how your body adopts to the temperature to how you manage your heart rate and others.  TYR, which is a recognized as a global swimming and triathlon brand, brings in the Innovative Carbon Collection that can give the triathlete an edge on race day.  It optimizes the function of the athlete’s body.  It’s lightweight and has no inside stitching to avoid chaffing.   The Corbon Collection is sxclusively distributed by Sports Resources Inc. (SRI), the TYR Carbon Collection is available as a 1-piece suit (Carbon Short John) or as separate tank top and shorts and is available at selected RUNNR and Toby’s Sports outlets.

Benefits of Carbon Technology – Photo from TYR Website

The Carbon Collection is designed to positively impact body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and lactic acid concentrations.  The Carbon Collection uses second-skin compression fit for rapid moisture transport and muscle support.  The Flash Mesh technology draws moisture away from the body to keep you dry and light while helping to lower your body temperature and heart rate. In turn, this results in more efficient breathing and less lactic acid build-up

Silicone beaded leg grippers keep the Carbon Short John and Tri Shorts in place. The Carbon Short John uses a 12-inch zipper with removable clip lanyard for easy on/easy off use.

Hydrophobic Teflon coating on the shorts lets the athlete cut through the water, while a build-in Carbon cycling Amp Pad provides maximum protection and minimum bulk. The Carbon woven fabric is extremely lightweight and highly compressive, beginning to dry the moment the athlete exits the water.

The body is made of 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex, while the Mesh Insert is 54% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 19% LycraR, and 2% Carbon.

The Carbon Tank showcases a single back pocket for the Men’s version and two pockets for the Women’s for nutrition and energy gel storage. Flatlock seams eliminate chafing, while a 10-inch locking zipper enables easy on/easy off action.

The Carbon Tri Shorts are also available in Men’s (9”) and Women’s (6”) versions.

All TYR products offer UV/SPF 50+ Protection


TYR Products

  • Male Zipper Back Short John with Pad – P8,279

Male Zipper Back Short John with Pad

  • Female Zipper Back Short John with Pad – P7,589

Female Zipper Back Short John with Pad

  • Male Tank – P4,139

Male Tank

  • Female Tank – P3,449

Female Tank

  • Male 9” Tri Short – P3,999/ Female 6” Tri Short – P3,869

Tri Shorts

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