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Train Like An Alpha at Alpha Strength

Posted by on 1. June 2016


Fitness is needed for our day to day life.  We have chores. We have responsibilities. We have routines.  It helps a lot that we have the strength within to be go through our everyday hurdles easily.  Alpha Strength gives you a functional workout to create a better and strongest version of yourself.

Alpha Strength

I’ve been in the fitness community for the past 6 years. While I’ve spent most of the time running and biking, I have tried a lot of strengthening exercises and has in fact been part of my routine.  A strong core and body gives you more endurance and better capability to do more.  Even on non-training days, it’s a strenuous routine for me.  I have to walk up and down several flights of stairs at our apartment. I have to walk several blocks from my parking to the office and vice versa.  If I have to visit another area like the mall, I just go by feet even if its about 2-3 kilometers away.  The truth is even how technologically advance we are now, we should still make it a point to be fit and healthy.

I just discovered a new way to be fit tucked away at the Ground Floor of SPARTA Philippines, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong CityAlpha Strength is a gym that strongly believes that when a person is strong, everything becomes easy.  It’s a fitness hub that’s gonna make your day to day chores normally and pain-free.  In Alpha Strength, people begin with goals of getting fitter and healthier, optimizing performance and maximizing athletic capabilities. Strength is a never ending journey. You get physically stronger with better abs, legs and biceps.  The goal does not stop with physical strength and aesthetically designed physique,  it’s about creating a better version of oneself by thinking outside the box and finding their inner strength.

Becoming stronger is not easy; it will test you, it will disappoint, and just like life, it is not a walk in the park.  That’s why getting strong is worth it, and that’s what we are; we make people strong. In the four corners of Alpha Strength, we will prepare you for whatever life will throw at you. What we want you to be, is the best, strongest version of yourself. says Aaron Dela Cruz, Head Coach of Alpha Strength and Alpha Strike.

Be Alpha

Be Alpha is designed to fix your movement patterns by building your physical and mental strength as you go along.  The program works by addressing limitations in your movement while getting you closer to your fitness and health related goals.  The thing is we have some pains and difficulty because there are some incorrect movement patterns that are formed by sedentary lifestyle or a lot of time sitting.

Be Alpha program begins with an assessment of a person’s current health and capacity.  Limitations are then improved followed by measured increase in the intensity of the workouts.  Alpha Strength coaches empowers clients throughout the process, training the body and mind to build strength.

The Be Alpha program will be using mace bells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and other tools to get their bodies moving the way the human body is designed to move.

Alpha 365

The Alpha 365 program aims to optimize strength, agility, coordination, speed, power and endurance.  It uses a very scientific approach of its program in helping members get the best performance out of their bodies.  The body needs stress and should learn to adopt to it.  This is the only way for the body and mind to get better.  Alpha 365 is designed to make the human body adopt to stress

In Alpha 365, the stressors work in two ways.  First is by progressively overloading the body to help it adopt and succeed in its goals within each mesocycle (a mesocycle represents a specific block or timeframe of training designed to accomplish a particular goal). The second is by employing various methods during the conditioning training to help members and athletes adopt to the three energy systems of the body functions: Glycolic or short burst of energy; Phosphagen, short-medium burst of energy and Oxidative or long use of energy.

The Alpha 365 program utilizes multi-joint compound movements and power lifting exercises thrice per week (squat, press and deadlift). Combined with weightlifting exercises done thrice a week (Snatch and Clean & Jerk), the program help develop people to maintain their fitness, as well as becoming competent in their field of sports.

Alpha 365 is all about holistic fitness. For cardiovascular health and endurance, the program employs finishers or conditioning exercises every day after finishing the strength work. With a science-based program that ensures a holistic approach to workouts and dedicated coaches who ensure that clients are on top performance level – the Alpha 365 program pushes people to become the best athletes they can be.

For inquiries / reservation, you may contact 09177943776 (Mobile / Viber / WhatsApp). Follow @alphastrengthph on Instagram and like Alpha Strength PH on Facebook

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