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Trail Running with Potatoes USA

Posted by on 27. September 2018

Mount Fuji

I’ve slowly shifted from the rigors of road running to the lighter-paced and a lot more scenic trail running.  While trail running can be much more refreshing, it’s an equally a tough outdoor activity that involves physical strength, mental fortitude and general awareness on the evolving surface of trail running.

The Rigors of Trail Running

Mount Kinabalu

I’ve been a fixture in trail running races for the past few years that had me racing between 10 to 50 kilometers year-round, as well as, climbing peaks almost on a weekly basis.  The trail has been my playground and of course, that passion always comes with a cost.  Firstly, it takes time and resources to explore the different trails and mountain ranges.  It also has its demand on the body and the mind to keep up with the never-ending challenges.

Mount Marami

The demands of the trail running is a lot different from the usual road runs.  There’s the seemingly endless chess battle as your mind keeps on adjusting with the different surfaces and terrains.  The climbs introduces you to the concept of forever as some ascents that seem endless.  It’s both physically exhausting and mentally challenging as you manage the distance, the elevation and the ever changing environment.

Mount Ulap

One key part of every sports including trail running is nutrition.  That’s fuel that keeps your engine running on the trail.  While there may be a lot of food choices, there’s one that gives you a lot of benefits on the rigors of trail running and it’s spelled as P-O-T-A-T-O.  What does Potato Power brings into a trail runner’s regimen? Here’s what you get in a normal size Potato (5.2 ounces).

  • 26 grams of carbohydrate: We burn carbs as we expend energy. Count on the quality carbs in potatoes for optimal mental and physical performance. Plus, potatoes contain as much if not more of several essential vitamins and minerals than spaghetti, brown rice or whole wheat bread (compared on a per-serving basis).
  • 620 Milligrams of Potassium: With more potassium than a medium-size banana, potatoes are perfect for aiding muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function during long endurance events. Potassium can help prevent muscle failures like cramps and keeps out systems balanced despite the rigors of the trail.
  • 110 Calories for Energy: Easily digestible and more energy dense than any other popular vegetable, potatoes are a good choice to fuel the demands of trail running. 110 calories is equivalent to about an hour of trail running.

That covers so many bases from fueling you with energy, keeping muscles in tip-top shape and keeping your system balanced with the right amount of nutrients in your system as you let the kilometers pile while exploring new ridges, appreciating the natural landscapes, surmounting higher altitudes and breaking new personal bests when it comes to races.


Here’s some more good news!  US potatoes are now in the country. Thanks to Potatoes USA-Philippines, US frozen, table stock and dehydrated potatoes are available in the local market, ready for different recipes running from main dishes to snacks, soups, salads and desserts.

Dedicated growers in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture help ensure that only the best potatoes in different varieties make it to dining tables worldwide. And, high quality potatoes are specially selected for processing into frozen and dehydrated potato products.

US potatoes are already classified as a superfood, a nutrient-dense food that can help fuel huge exertions from physical exercise and movement. Potatoes are high in potassium, even more so than a banana, and are also full of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron and magnesium. Prepared with the skin on, US potatoes are true power-ups. Potato skins are a great nutrition source of proteins, phytochemicals and amino acids, especially lysine. Lysine promotes healthy organ and muscle growth, and also helps convert fat into energy.1

For more information on US potatoes, and how it can power up physical and mental performance, visit www.potatogoodness.com/performance/ or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PotatoesUSAPhilippines/.

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