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The Zombie Journals: Who’s Your Favorite Zombie?

Posted by on 7. December 2012

Outbreak Manila

My Zombie Moment – Photo by Zeus Martinez

Outbreak Manila has changed the running scene since it started its first outbreak in April 2012 in Nuvali.  I’ve started as a runner in the first outbreak and eventually got turned when I lost all my life flags in Nuvali.  I’ve spent my last two outbreaks as a member of the undead and so I went on to get to know and write about the different zombies and their backstory.  It’s time to wrap up 2012 Zombie Journals!!!

Which outbreak is your favorite and who’s your favorite zombies?

The Outbreaks


The rough and steep trails of Nuvali and the scorching heat of the sun had been the obstacle that helped zombies terrify over 5,000 participants running for their life.  The first outbreak definitely made an impact and whether you’ve finished this one dead or alive, you definitely had a terrifying time trying to survive the outbreak.


Bonifacio Global City has been a haven for runners and its well paved roads added traction to runners in this area.  Unfortunate for the the more than 7,000 runners who joined, they met a faster breed of runners which not even the rain was able to stop in the dark of the night.  The runners crossing sign was abruptly changed to runners screaming.


Enchanted Kingdom

There’s just a thing about roller coaster rides and zombie outbreaks as they give you jumps in heartbeat like no other.  So when the zombie outbreak reached a theme park, over 9,ooo runners were treated to an exhilarating ride to survival.  The Magic and the Nightmare all in one place in All Hallow’s Eve.

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The Zombies

The Psycho PrisonerJoms was a man who lived by the wrong side of the law, served time and eventually got turned when the prison was infested by zombies and he was in vulnerable under solitary confinement.

The Psycho Prisoner – Photo by Zeus Martinez

Michael Jackson – Michael was an electrifying performer but a horror movie date that led them to a graveyard had him performing his Thriller piece with zombies.

Michael Jackson Zombie – Photo by Zeus Martinez

The Surgeon and the Bride   – Tezza was a bride who had her heart broken when his surgeon fiance James missed their wedding due to surgery.  Her depression had her run to the waiting arms of a zombie attackers and also zombified the surgeon in the process.

The Surgeon and the Bride – Photo by Zeus Martinez

The Werewolf ZombieAlecs was an omega werewolf banished by her pack met the undead and created a mystical werewolf zombie creature out to wreak havoc in the full moon which coincided with Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom.

The Werewolf Zombie

The Rockstar Zombie – This guitar-wielding rock icon had her zombie moment when her band’s gig at Enchanted Kingdom coincided with an outbreak that had hundreds of zombies pursuing and eventually turning her.

The Rockstar Zombie

The NUNdead – She devoted her life to her faith and to helping others but an encounter with the Psycho Prisoner Zombies had her crossing on the the line of the undead.

The NUNdead

Jonah and JeckJonah and Jeck has brough sibling rivalry to an undead level as a misunderstanding led them to a horde of zombies that overpowered them to eventually welcome them to the undead.

Jonah and Jeck -Photo by Pauline Alvarez

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Time to Vote

Time to vote for your favorite outbreak and zombie and the one with the most votes gets an extended feature in 2013.  Voting is until the end of the year, December 31, 2012.  Feel free to comment below why they are your favorite zombie and which outbreak moments you remember the best.

Your comments will also be counted in favor of your favorite zombies.

Poll Closed. And the winner is...The Rockstar Zombie.

The Werewolf Zombie's fought a gallant fight 'til the end but the Rockstar Zombie's Rakistas held on for the win.  The NUNdead also had her moments.

The Rockstar Zombie topped the poll votes with 193 votes while the Werewolf Zombie had the most comment vote with 61 votes.  At the end of the rush, the Rockstar Zombie held on with a very slim 13 vote lead. 

Congratulations to all Zombies.  Each one will be receiving an exclusively designed shirt by Touch the Sky Graphics and the Rockstar Zombie would be on the center of the design as well have an extended feature in 2013.

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