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The Zombie Journals: The Kid Zombie

Posted by on 24. April 2013

The Kid Zombie – Photo by Pauline Alvarez

The horde is a family.  They strike as a group and mindless as they are, they still have their instincts to rely on.  Their common thirst for flesh binds them and even in their lifeless forms they still somehow relive some of their instincts as humans.  It took a theme park to lure this addition to the horde.  At Enchanted Kingdom, there was a kid zombie that came with the Surgeon and the Bride and acting as one big happy undead family lurking in the theme park having a family day while amassing brains in the process.

The sickly kid is now the kid zombie.

The kid’s memory as a human has been unraveled to tell another journal of a member of the horde.  Airo was an orphan and a sick patient of Surgeon named James.  James, along with her bride-to-be Tezza, become attached to Airo and have treated him like their own kid.  They were the only support Airo could look forward to as he battles a heart condition.  In fact once they were married, the first thing they plan to do was to get Airo from the orphanage.

Whenever the kid zombie is around, the surgeon and the bride is always on the lookout.

Even as the wedding of James and Tezza was fast approaching, James was monitoring Airo’s welfare as his patient.  Airo would wish them happiness and was very pleased to see the only two persons he considered as parents end up with each other.  On the wedding day, as James was excited to go to the altar to finally fulfill his promise of marriage to Tezza, he got a call from the hospital.  Airo was on a critical level and they needed him to perform a complicated procedure to save Airo’s life.  At an instant, James came rushing to the hospital and due to the urgency of the situation failed to send a message to Tezza on what happened.

The surgeon has always been in the lookout for Airo

James was able to save Airo’s life and just as he was about to message Tezza.  There came a zombie in bride’s outfit who came attacking with the horde.  It was Tezza and he tried approaching Tezza but she was an angry zombie bride attacking with no provocation.  James went to get Airo and tried to save their lives but somehow they eventually parted.  Tezza was about to attack Airo but James came rushing in and took the bite as Airo was overpowered by the horde.

Animation by: Meia Ramos Alvarez

They are now all part of the horde.  They wander with the rest but they instinctively look out for each other like one family, a workaholic surgeon, an angry bridge and a playful kid.  They celebrate each outbreak with a family meal of brains and flesh.  While the kid zombie may appear harmless, the surgeon and the bride is always on the lookout for anybody who’d lay harm to the kid.  They stay together, they eat together and they instinctively hunt together making them a lethal set of zombies you wouldn’t want to meet.  At Outbreak BGC 2, Airo was a silent observer and not wanting flags but deep inside grows the desire that one day he’ll also be able to get some flags.

The horde is growing.

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