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The Zombie Journals: The Crazy Zombie Clown

Posted by on 16. October 2013

Eating Brains definitely gives him a reason to laugh.

Read about:

” A Zombie Outbreak evokes shrieks, panic and hysteria but there’s one zombie guise in a laughter of a clown that finds happiness in the chaotic environment that the Zombie Outbreak.”

Outbreak Mission in Filinvest introduced us to a new character in the Outbreak Universe.  It was a crazy clown that came and scared the hell out of kids and even old folks who dared to find the cure and run the narrow paths to survive.  While clowns are known to bring out happiness, chances are one comes out from bizarre and troubled beginnings.  One who smiles at people’s fear and hardship.

The Crazy Clown had a troubled childhood.  He was not treated well often lacking attention and the only attention he got was when his father was beating him up.  He tried to create a front, a happy face to hide all the pain and suffering and thus he took a job as a clown.  For a time, seeing happy faces of kids uplifted him but most of the time, he was confused and would go on reckless streaks.   The clown was a mask and one of the personalities he developed.

Hidden in a smile was a troubled past.

His other persona was the reckless one and was always above the law and becoming one heartless prisoner named Joms.  His exploits in prison had him being at odds with the warden and the “boss” among the inmates.  Joms was uncontrolled and eventually ended the life of the “boss” in one of the riots or so he thought.  He was held in isolation for two months until a commotion took place in the prison. The Sekyu Zombie attacked the place and the boss he thought was dead was the same person who turned him to the side of the horde as the Psycho Prisoner Zombie.

There’s a smile deep within the viciousness of the Psycho Prisoner Zombie.

The exploits of the Psycho Prisoner Zombie was legendary and his vicious streak and demented mind made him the most feared zombie and was able to overpower packs of human in the previous outbreaks.  After the second outbreak at BGC, the Psycho Prisoner was missing and unheard off.

Beware of his tricks, he’s after your brain.

The clown personality of Joms has taken over appearing as a Crazy Clown at Festival Mall near the arcade.  He now loathed the laughter he once generated but the screams of panic was music to his ears.  He loves to hang out in the mall. Don’t be deceived by the tricks he plays, he’s out their to take the life out of you.

The horde awaits once again for another eat all you can Outbreak Mission.

He may not be the Psycho Prisoner but he can be as vicious as the latter.  Joms had a multiple personality disorder created from his troubled childhood. The Psycho Prisoner and the Crazy Clown are just among his persona but the tortured child in him makes sure that whether he’s seen as a demented criminal or a jolly-looking clown, he still has a mean streak that nobody would want to cross.

The clown or the prisoner? Take you pick.

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