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The Zombie Journals: The Black Swan Zombie

Posted by on 16. January 2014

Behind the Beauty Comes a Vicious Member of the Horde – Photo by Joms Antonio

“There’s a thin line between passion and obsession and one ballerina crossed that line.  Her sterling performance in the opera has also brought her to be a part of the horde where she goes on a crazy streak with the meanest of the Outbreak Manila Zombies.”

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She had the beauty that can fill the opera house. – Photo from Outbreak Manila

Anne was one of the best ballerinas at her young age and was guided to be passionate about this by her guardian and Mentor Tezza.  Tezza always brought the best in her protégé and they had a wonderful relationship.  They were like family and a close confidant to each other.  Anne was among the first to know when the Surgeon James proposed to her and she felt happy for her mentor.

Anne found family in her mentor and his fiance James – Photo from Outbreak Manila

Her life would drastically change on Tezza’s wedding day.  Tezza was alone in the altar and James was nowhere to be found.  She felt Tezza’s pain and before she can comfort her mentor she was gone and never to be seen of again. Anne felt abandoned and she was never the same again. She found solace through another friend, a troubled clown named Joms.  In a way they were both disturbed over their past which made them instant friends but Joms went into a darker path and ended up breaking the law and paying for it with a life in Prison.  Anne was back to the abandoned feeling again.

A clown gave laughter back into her life.

She possess the beauty that can light up and fill the opera house but there were missing pieces in Anne’s life that has made her broken as a person and struggling as a performer.  She had the makings of the star and she dominated the stage when she was a child under the mentorship of Tezza.  She was mostly lost now that she was missing the comfort of her mentor and her best friend.  It showed in her performance.

Broken Yet Again. – Photo from Outbreak Manila

She vowed to back to her old self and her passion eventually became an obsession.  She wanted to be the star of the show again and she did everything to land the key parts from harassing her co-stars to finding ways to take the competition out.

She wanted to be a star at all cost – Photo from Outbreak Manila

On the eve of her performance, she finally landed the part with the rest of the alternatives missing.  She felt relieved and was gearing for the performance of her life.  As she was about to hit the stage, she saw Tezza again in her familiar wedding dress with James in his Surgeon’s Scrubs.  She finally felt complete and approached them. It was late of her to realize why Tezza has left and the eventual fate of James.  Tezza was turned a zombie as she left the wedding and the avenging bride first victim was James.  For some reason, Joms was with them in his Psycho Prison uniform who was also a part of the horde.  With Anne too invested on her role, she breached the line between passion, obsession and eventually insanity.  Was this an illusion or her wicked reality?  She approached her now zombie guardian but the Psycho Prisoner came charging in and for a brief moment he knew that she was his old friend but the savagery of the Psycho Prisoner Zombie took over and turned Anne into the Black Swan Zombie.

She was now a member of the horde – Photo from Outbreak Manila

She then went on the opera and gave them a performance of a lifetime but little did the people know that behind the mask was the Black Swan Zombie.  While people gave her the standing ovation after her splendid performance, she finally felt whole again but no longer as a person but as a member of the horde.  She pounced on the guests of the opera along with the Surgeon, the Bride Zombie and the Psycho Prisoner Zombie and the results were really brutal.

Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Anne has now joined her guardian and her friend as they feasted during Outbreaks.  With her mask and her beauty as a deception, she has attracted her prey into eventually being her next meal.  Her passion and obsession have shifted from being just a star of the show to craving for those red flags like the claps she long when she was still the ballerina that dominated the stage.  Her crazy streak makes her a dangerous addition to the horde and the Black Swan Zombie was not only the star of the opera but also a star of the Outbreaks.

Don’t be too captivated by her beauty, she’s obsessed with those red flags your protect dearly.

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