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The Zombie Journals: The Beauty Queen Zombie

Posted by on 23. March 2014

There’s a beauty from within but the instincts of the horde overpowers her will – Photo by Pef Decena

“While outside beauty is the one that stands out, it’s the inner beauty that makes people radiate like a rare gem.  It’s a pity that one rare gem has taken the bite and has become a conflicted member of the Outbreak Manila Zombie Horde.”

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The Beauty among the Horde

Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez

The horde comes in all the scary forms and sizes but one zombie radiates from her innate goodness that is overpowered by her zombie instincts.  With the next Outbreak Mission just around the corner, let’s look back at the story of one of the conflicted members of the Outbreak Manila Zombies.

Pau will surprise you at the Outbreaks. – Photo by Joms Antonio

There are those who are pure at heart and have made their life in dedication to alleviating other people’s suffering.  There are those who have a calling to serve and take care of people.  Pau was one of them.  She has dedicated herself to many causes and went on to be nurse as her profession to care for those who are less privileged.  She was a beauty on the outside and beamed with kindness from the inside.  She was a beauty queen, admired for her natural beauty and appreciated for her noble actions.

The Beauty Queen and the Professor

She had so much love for humanity and in return she was loved.  She was also a really good friend.  Among her friends was Jham and they supported each other as friends.  She won titles and Jham was the always supporting her in her different pageants.   While Pau, was preparing for her biggest beauty pageant, Jham promised that he’ll be there on her road to victory.

Jham was her friend and now her mentor in the horde. – Photo by Joms Antonio

What Pau didn’t know was Jham was troubled by his blind devotion to a brilliant scientist named Dr. Von Angelo Outbrekkus, who was promising yet his methodologies were a bit aggressive.  One day, Jham was missing.   There were speculations that he was dead and there were even some sightings that he was a mindless zombie attacking people.

The Beauty Queen is Ready for Her Prey. – Photo by Pef Decena

Pau went on with what she does best which is help people and prepare for her pageant.  The pageant came and Pau was among the favorites. She breezed through the finals of the pageant and was asked the question.

The Outbreaks are her question and answer portion? – Photo by Joms Antonio

“How can humanity rise above all the chaos in a post apocalyptic world?”

Being a believer of the goodness of the human kind, she answered: “We start rising by picking up the pieces from our shattered past and holding on to the same hope that have kept us alive.”

The crowd gave her a standing ovation for her answer.  The sheer applause in the venue showed that she was a cinch for the crown.

She’s no longer on the side of the humans. – Photo by Joms Antonio

From out of nowhere Jham came up the stage, He was now a different person.  He was the JhamJham zombie and was part of the undead.  Pau’s first impulse was to help people so she confronted the JhamJham Zombie even though that would seal her fate so people can run into safety.  The tiny piece of humanity in the JhamJham Zombie that Pau needed to save a lost soul like Jham was nowhere to be found.  The vicious streak of the JhamJham Zombie had turned her friend to be a part of the undead.

She now joins the horde’s side.

Her human instincts were toward saving humanity but the craving overpowers her most of the time.  She has saved a lot of people but she gave up her will as she aimlessly go with the horde and partakes in the feast during outbreaks.  Sometimes there are those rare moments that her instinct to care freezes her in the course of subduing a meal but most of the time, it’s the savage instinct of the horde that takes over.

The Beauty Queen goes after Dr. Vera Adarna – Photo by Joms Antonio

She maybe humanity’s hope since unlike the rest of the horde, there’s a part of her that still cares even if it’s repressed. For now, she is a member of the horde and her conflicting ways is still a dangerous recipe for anyone approaching her.  She’s reunited with her friend Jham as they play the part of the anti-hero role in humanity’s world.  She is the beauty queen zombie in the undead world and saving her maybe humanity’s hope in surviving the post apocalypse era.

Catch The Beauty Queen Zombie at Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – Operation Stronghold

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