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The Zombie Journals: The Adarna Initiative Directors Cut

Posted by on 19. November 2013

Chucky Came to Play at the Directors Cut – Photo by Chris Sta Cruz

“ The Adarna Initiative Directors Cut was more than just a Child’s Play. The battle lines has gone hardcore with the Adarna characters motivations exposed and the runners make a choice that could lead them to the cure or to the infection.”

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Child’s Play

OMZs went Hardcore as Well – Photo by Chris Sta Cruz

Z Franc is missing and Zombie Chucky came to play.  The Ztudent Meia has been tired of being the goodie to shoes that she is and the darker side of her persona overpowered her to become Zombie Chucky in time to be part of the much tougher Adarna Inititative.  Chucky came to play and so was the Outbreak Manila Zombies in their darker and edgier version of their characters. Adarna Initiative Directors Cut was their last meal for Chapter 1 before they start to wander aimlessly again searching for the next venue of the Outbreak.

Last Meal Before Chapter 2 – Photo by Chris Sta Cruz

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore or Hardcrawl? – Photo by Yani Custodio

There was a difference in this outbreak and it was that there were long silver flags as part of the menu as worn by hardcore runners.   Not to be out done, the OMZs went hardcore as well.  Chucky stayed with the OMZs at the start area to give the runners a scare early on.  The Chucky Zombie was not in there for the flags but some like Surgeon Zombie was on a rampage grabbing as much flags especially silver ones by will.  He ingested a cure from Dr. Vera Adarna and instead of being cured; his zombie hunting skills were heightened.  The mall based zombies also had their boosters on hardcore as they had the runners crawling in fear and silent as night to get past the deaf and blind zombies.  Thousands came and a few survived but this was just the beginning as the twist of the story is still waiting to happen.

Hardcore Runners Working Together – Photo by Yani Custudio

The Adarnas are the Key

Is it the Adarna who pulls the strings or there’s a higher power? – Photo by Joms Antonio

Finding Adarna was faster than expected, as Dr. Alfonso Adarna was available mid part of the race but as for the cure.  He was knocked unconscious and the cure was stolen. Who stole the cure? Was it his wife, Dr. Vera Adarna, who was emotional at the previous missions because of the twisted choices of Dr. Alfonso Adarna or his loyal Assistant Dr. Santos who was enamored by his brilliance?  You have to pick whom to trust and you have to make choices and true intentions of the characters will play in the success of your mission.  The stolen cure by Dr. Vera Adarna had some Z transformation accelerator as a higher power threatened to kill of her husband if he won’t cooperate and the other cure by Dr. Santos was the real one that led the participants to survived uninfected. Did you choose correctly?

Who would you trust? – Photo by Yani Custodio

The Zombies Saved the Best for Last

Video by Mitch Cruz

The end of chapter 1 does not end with either survival or infection of humanity but the OMZs came to steal the show.   Some higher power may be pulling the string in this epic showdown but the OMZs are formidable as zombies and even better at entertaining the crowd with an impromptu dance number.    The OMZ and the Role Playing Character played their part to the Z and thus made the Directors Cut a fitting conclusion of the first chapter of the missions.   Post event had the different characters being able to interact with the runners with the newly launched OMZ shop where t-shirts, mugs and other tokens were available for runners as souvenirs.

Did you visit the OMZ Shop – Photo by Chris Sta Cruz

The Z Franc Will Return

Today Chucky cam to play and told the story of Outbreak Missions – Adarna Initiative Directors Cut.  When the time is right and when the story resumes, Z Franc will be back but before that day comes, let us know how was your Outbreak Mission experience or where you’d want the next chapter to continue?  Zombie Apocalypse has just began so stay tuned and act fast as the Survival Missions will be coming back again.

Did you see the Sekyu Zombie Return at the Directors Cut? – Photo by Yani Custodio

Read about the other zombies and Outbreak Manila at the Zombie Journals Tab.  Please follow this site by liking the Francramon.com Facebook Page or Outbreak Manila Zombies Facebook Page for more zombie Journals and future Outbreak Manila Updates.

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