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The Zombie Journals: Meia

Posted by on 27. March 2013

School’s Over!!! – Photo by Art Gimena

Zombies come in all forms, sizes and age.  As the anniversary outbreak is about to gather shrieks, panic and hysteria, the memories of the past life of the undead continue to unravel by the day.  Almost a year has gone before the Outbreak Manila Zombies has started the scream-fest and test of survival against the mindless, fearless and endless supply of zombies.  Among the first converts to the horde of undead was Meia a school girl who like any teen her age is excited for school to be over for her to have her hang out with friends.

Zombies Ahead and Hanging Out.

On one school day as classes for the day is about to be over, Meia was already day dreaming on how to spend the hours after school.  Will she hangout with her friends at the mall?  Will she have some snacks?  Will she go straight home to be with her family?  All these thoughts have been under consideration.  A loud whistle disrupted her thought process and suddenly there was a commotion in school followed by people screaming… RUN!!! RUN!!! RUN!!!

Run!!! Run!!! Run!!!

Panic ensued in the classroom as their teacher is pacifying the Students.  Everyone was shocked when a man bloodied and gasping his last breath stumbled in the classroom room.  What the man said on his dying breath sent shivers to the whole room.  RUN!!!  Screams followed coming from each of the rooms and with each set becoming louder and nearer their room.

This school girl loves to play.

Meia realized that her dream of a normal high school day was now turned into a nightmare.  Fear has been throbbing in her guts and she took the man’s advice to run.  She had to escape this nightmare.  Her eyes were silent witness to the insanity that followed.  There was an undead security guard directing the horde to attack the humans.   She darted pass them with her mind still convincing itself that this one is not real.

Part of the Horde. – Photo by Shutter Ninety Nine

She bumped into a familiar face in the form of her teacher but her relief turned into an instant panic as the calm faced of her teacher changed into a deranged look and his abdomen was missing.  She somehow managed to escape her teacher but she was caught by the undead security guard and felt a change as the guard’s jaws was slowly gnashing at her neck.  Life slowly left Meia’s body and a while later, she was different.  She didn’t feel pain, she didn’t have brain function but despite profusely bleeding, she was still moving and craving for flesh.

Watch Me!!! – Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

She joined the horde of undead as they continued to wreck havoc in the school, in Nuvali, in BGC and in Enchanted Kingdom.  Meia relished the screams from young to old in all the outbreaks that has occurred.  While she can’t enjoy the usual thrills of teenage life, she look forward to her first undead days in a year worth of chasing and craving for life lines.  She’s definitely all perked out for another feast in Outbreak BGC 2.  Are you ready for her?

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