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The Zombie Journals: Jonah and Jeck

Posted by on 30. November 2012

Jonah and Jeck – Photo by Pauline Alvarez

The Outbreaks

Featured Zombies

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

The Zombie Journals had featured the entertaining ones like Michael Jackson and the Rockstar Zombie, the crazy one in the Psycho Prisoner, the ’til death do us part pair of the Surgeon and the Bride, the Mystical Werewolf Zombie and to the blessed and cursed NUNdead.  For the final offering of the Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom Series, we’re featuring twins and it’s not your common identical twins but these two are polar opposites.  One is the sports minded type and the other one has the party ’til you drop persona.  You’ve seen them in your path towards the hunted house. One in her party clothes and the other one in his Taekwondo uniform.  This two zombies has brought sibling rivalry to the undead level.

Jonah and Jeck

Jeck – Make Up By Karen Felipe – Buhay

Jonah and Jeck are twins but seeing them together won’t make one think they are related.  Jeck has lived by the strict rules of his father becoming a stiff and serious individual who took sports as means to channel his rage from living by so many rules.  Jonah is the darling of the family and being the only girl among her generation, she was pampered with love and attention and eventually grew up to be a brat.  That’s where the sibling rivalry started with Jeck trying to be the strict brother and Jonah being the out-all-night type of sister.  They eat arguments for breakfast and stay apart from each other as this would just cause a heated argument with Jonah refusing to go by Jeck’s disciplined lifestyle.

Jonah – Make Up by Karen Felipe – Buhay

While they can’t stand each other, they were forced to stay in one apartment when they went to college and so goes the regular war between the two.  It just get worse by the day but since they stay in one place, they try to manage to remain civil.  One night, things went on to the nasty.  Jeck just lost the Taekwondo tournament he has been preparing for months and he was really angry.  He went home and to his surprise Jonah was nowhere to be found.  An enraged Jeck searched high and low for her sister only to find her partying the night away.  They argued and argued real bad.  Jeck’s frustration that day had him betray his disciplined ways and in a fit of anger, he hit his twin sister in the face.  Jonah was shocked!  All her life, she was pampered and here was his brother hitting her.  She ran away from Jeck.

Jonah at her element in Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom – Photo from Booster C Facebook Page

Jonah ran not noticing she was approaching a nearby graveyard.  Jeck came into his senses realizing that even if her sister was a brat, she didn’t deserve that.  He followed her and when he caught up, she was already being cornered by a group of zombies.  Jeck rushed to his sister’s aid and tried fighting of the zombies with martial arts.  As a zombie was about to hit Jeck, Jonah came rushing by to save him but got hit by one of the zombies.  She was there lying on the ground.  Jeck froze at the sight he just saw which made him vulnerable to the zombies.

Jeck – Now an Undead – Photo from Outbreak Manila Facebook Page

They woke up and they were no longer humans.  They followed the horde of zombies and it led them to Enchanted Kingdom and there they were side by side helping each other but not to make each others life better but to wreak havoc as part of the undead.  They were no longer the polar opposites as now they have something in common – They both craved and wanted all those life flags.  Jonah and Jeck would occasionally  fight over a flag or two and I guess some rivalries are meant to stand even past a life time.

Jeck at his element

Jonah and Jeck are now a team and a part of the horde.  They may be in disarray and sometimes, runners get past them because they instinctively argue with each other too much.  Enchanted Kingdom was their battlefield but as part of the horde, they are looking to wreak more havoc into the future outbreaks.

Jonah – Even her undead state does not end her party ways

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