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The Zombie Journals: Do you want to be a Zombie?

Posted by on 4. April 2013

The Outbreak is fast approaching and to some they know that survival would be tested yet again.  Yet, there’s an age-old adage, “if you can’t beat them, join them”.  You now have a front seat view of the Outbreak and maybe the best chance of survival is joining the horde.  Right in front of you are the following zombies.
Who would you choose to be your Zomboss and mentor you in the path of Zombiefication?  Why?  Remember this is your last thought as a human so better make a brilliant answer as we are quite picky with the zombies in the horde.  Humans with the best answers get to join the horde for Outbreak BGC 2 and all the perks that comes with it like unlimited flags, brains and the priceless look of terrified humans.  See you in the horde.

Cheats: Just to help you come up with your best answer you can click their photos to read their back story.

Make sure to like and as new zombies would be posted there.
Contest Updates: The Horde Train will be leaving soon.  So we won’t be left out, joining the contest will be until April 10, 2013, 11:59 AM, Wednesday.  10 New Horde members will be announced between 1:00-2:00 PM on April 10, 2013.  Stay tuned at Facebook page for the announcement.
About Outbreak BGC, click the logo below.
Credits: Photographs are from Zeus Martines, Art Gimena and Pauline Alvarez
                Animations are from Meia Ramos Alvarez and Joms Antonio
And the Winners are:
  • Zombie Number 1: Louee Alvaro The Cupid Zombie was tasked to ensure that Tezza and James end up together but as fate has it the bride was left alone in the altar. When the bride left, the Cupid followed Tezza and when the horde came, the cupid tried to protect Tezza but ended up the same fate as Tezza as part of the horde. Being an agent of true love, the cupid zombie guided Tezza to James and now they are together as part of the Undead.
  • Zombie Number 2: Arjohn Silvestre. Meia woke up and a fellow student Arjohn was unaware of what happened being in the library all the time studying. He hated studying and calls it short for study and dying but he needed to pass his course. Meia saw Arjohn and her thirst for flesh had her attack Arjohn eventually evolving into a zombie.
  • Zombie Number 3: Jamille Krishia Villanueva. Jamille was a fellow Nun alongside Lori and he witness how Lori never gave up on the Psycho Prisoner. Her compassion was admirable and to her shock that on the day of the zombies invaded prison, Lori became a zombie and has become among the scariest. She tried to reach out to the NUNdead but despite her scary stature, the NUNdead had the instinct of compassion. Jamille gave her life freely as part of the NUNdead’s convent, learning the ways of the undead.
  • Zombie Number 4,5 & 6: Nico Lazatin, Brian Paul Marquez and James Edward Rabago. He was the Alpha of his pack and Alecs was the Omega. The werewolf zombie wanted nothing more than to get back at his pack. With the Zombie Gene Alecs overpowered the pack and converting the then Alpha Zombie as part of her Zombie Werewolf Pack. The other pack members came attacking and in the end Brian and James, both young werewolves ended up being zombified. Please send contact number and email address via my facebook page
  • Zombies 7 and 8, Enzo Aragoza, RJ Miclat: When the Bride Zombie came attacking to the hospital there was RJ who was a patient with amnesia and Enzo, a runner who was also the nephew of the Bride. RJ was clueless as he approached the zombies approaching, he has no memories on how he became a zombie. Enzo was approaching her Aunt Tezza but it was too late before realizing that it was already a zombie version of her aunt. Enzo and RJ have now shifted residence from the hospital to the undead’s lair.
  • Zombie 9: Dreu Lanot: Dreu was a Michael Jackson Fanatic and seeing in Outbreak BGC, he approached the most electrifying performer of all time. He was refused by Michael Jackson Zombie so Dreu started working out in preparation to confront Michael Jackson Zombie and was even in his Barbarian attire but he was no match to Michael Jackson and eventually got the Z-Virus and now is part of Michael Jackson’s zombies followers.
  • Zombie 10: Ludwig Van Santos Desausido. Ludwig was a disturbed man always wanting to resort to violence in his thoughts and at times in his action. He braved the outbreak and ended up facing the most feared of them all, the Psycho Prisoner Zombie. Their battle was epic but the inevitable happened, Ludwig fell at the hands of the Psycho Prisoner and was now a loyal follower at least until he muster the courage to overcome his Zomboss.
  • Zombie 11: Erik Valenuela. It was in Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom but upon seeing the Werewolf Zombie, Erik discovered he was imprinted by the Werewolf Zombie and grew loyal to her. He braved facing all the other werewolf packs just to be at the foothold of the Werewolf Zombie and one full moon, he took her bite and transformed into another member of the pack.
  • Zombie 12: len Caleb. As a member of the media, Len always wanted to be on top of the news and one of the recent news was the capture of Joms, the Psycho Prisoner. He was trying to have an exclusive with Joms and one night, there was chaos in the Prison as the Sekyu Zombie led the horde in the attack. Len took it as his chance to get an exclusive and when he finally saw the Psycho Prisoner he was different. He was attacked in an instant and subsequently woke up as a Mediaman Zombie.

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