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The Newest Kid on the Running and Multisport Block is Here

Posted by on 27. October 2011

What was once a dream. It has now become a realityMascy Cabuhat, Manager of Team Total Fitness

The Beginning

When you get used to training and joining races as a group, you’d always dream about having to be able to run as a team.  It always starts with a dream and any dream can be a reality with a lot of hard work and then came Total Fitness Magazine seeking new avenues to channel its brand. Team Total Fitness is a fusion of a magazine that promotes Total Fitness in Mind, Body and Soul and passionate runners and multisport athletes.

Of course, everything doesn’t come easy as sponsors don’t immediately jump into a new band wagon but we are eternally grateful for Total Fitness and our maiden list of sponsors (Oakley, ON Cloudrunners, Brooks Apparel, Polar, Cep, i-pure, Chris Sports, Honey Stinger, Dermplus,  Epic Triathlon and Cycling Wear and Moving Comfort) and our Coach Andy Leuterio of Alpha Training System for giving us this shot.  The bulk of us have been training for some time now with Coach Andy and the best thing we can offer is our commitment to our sport and to carry the Total Fitness lifestyle and start chasing new PRs, longer distances and more sport disciplines.

The Team

We have a good mix at Team Total Fitness from sprint and long-distance triathletes who make it a habit to finish strong, to champion swimmer and hardcore cyclists, marathoners and ultra marathoners, to elite runners who consistently finish in the top tier of the races and to your regular passionate runners who strive to be better every race day.  We may compete on different disciplines and at different levels but the thing we have in common is that we always want to put our best running foot forward and that we’ll contribute whatever we can to make the newest kid on the running and multisport block a successful one.

The Events

  • Photoshoot

The first thing we did as a team was a photo shoot as the team would be introduced in the November issue of Team Total Fitness which would be available on your favorite bookstore and magazine retailers in November. Being featured in a monthly “total fitness” magazine is definitely an added motivation.  Of course, it does also mean we have to be good ambassadors of the Total Fitness brand.

  • Contract Signing & Courtesy Call to Management

The formalities was next in line – 6 months as member of the first season of Team Total Fitness in a contract signing session held at Goldilocks, Shaw and a courtesy call to owners of Total Fitness Magazine.  It was indeed our honor to meet the people behind Total Fitness and it was nice of Mr. Mark Sosmeña, CEO of Total Fitness and Speed to share an inspirational talk on humility.  While we aim for new highs at Team Total Fitness we’ll always be intact to our roots.  Greatness without humility is like skydiving without a parachute.

  • Debut Race

And then the event we’ve all been waiting for – our debut race, Adidas KOTR 2011.  All 14 members of the team joined in both 16.8K and 21K category and it was a good one as we all had a good race and strong finishes and a member of our team even placed 12th in the 21K category.  We also had some photo opportunities at the Swim Bike Run (SBR) and Dermplus Booth.

And there goes the first chapter of Team Total Fitness.  Of course, you all know that this is just the beginning.  Catch us on our Team Total Fitness Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/TeamTotalFitness), monthly issues of Total Fitness Magazine and also catch us at the runs, marathons, cycling, duathlon, aquathlon and triathlon events near you.

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