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The End of Nowhere

Posted by on 23. October 2012

First Part: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

Second Part: Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom

Third Part: Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere

Fourth Part: Super Fallusion Sees the Light

Fifth Part: Morose Enters the Nowhere Kingdom

Sixth Part: ZXIOXZ Enters The Nowhere Kingdom (Who’d Ever Thought This Could Happen)

Seventh Part: Nowhere’s Ultimate Conversation

“For several generations now, the Nowhere Kingdom has shown the pathetic state of the world of miseries, illusions, broken dreams and confusion.  The pitiful story of Nowhere Man, Deranged (?), Super Fallusion and Morose has invigorated countless lives.  Now, the story has to be told for one last time.  As all things end… so does the passive reign of the kingdom dwellers…”

It was an ordinary gloomy day in the kingdom.  The creatures were all engrossed reminiscing about their wretched lives.  Things would never be the same again after the series of events that was about to happen.

Nowhere Man, preoccupied by his miseries in his royal throne, saw a star that shone so bright; then, there was music.  Someone was calling him.  The voice said: “Noah, it’s time that your illusion ends.  Your family is waiting for you.  The greatness you’ve always yearned to achieve is not really attained by being a king in a passive state.  You have to work hard to be great.  It’s time to return to reality.” Noah, the real name of Nowhere Man, was the individual who always aspired for greatness.

Super Fallusion was soaring through the sky of the kingdom.  He also saw the glaring star.  He heard a voice. “Paul, wake up. It’s time for you to face reality.  You have to face reality.  You have to pay up for your crimes.  After this interlude in your life, being a hero is not that far fetched.  But first, you have to stop dreaming.  Once you have ended the passiveness in your life, you could be a hero by trying to alleviate other people’s suffering.  It’s not too late… It’s not too late…” Paul was the human side of Fallusion.

Deranged (?) who was Dennis in the real world was sleeping.  He dreamed about his best friend trying to pull him out of a ravine.  His best friend told him, it’s time to stop asking questions.  You are who you are.  A lot of people will show you what life is all about.  You should be enlightened.  We’ll always be here for you.  The real world is awaiting your return from your idle status.  Dennis comes and we’ll answer all your questions, come…” The confused one woke up and saw that there was this star shining above him.

Morose, Mary in the real world was about to jump of a cliff in an effort to end her miseries.  As she was about to jump, the blinding light shone right above her.  She heard someone utter these words.  “Smile… There are a lot of reasons to smile.  You have people around to help you face the problems that beset you.  You don’t have to bear all the miseries of the world. Your friends and families will help you bear your burdens.  It’s time for you to face your problems. Mary, you are not alone…”

The rest of the kingdom also saw the light.  The glimmer of hope was suddenly not so bleak at all. Every being of the Nowhere Kingdom was realizing their existence.  Why are they in the kingdom when in fact they could be in the real world?  Why are they enjoying the miseries that the kingdom has to offer?  Why wouldn’t they help each other?

Nowhere Man, called all his subjects and said: “Yesterday, we saw a light that showed us how important going somewhere, doing something and being someone is to us.  We all have a life to live. We are all a part of each and everyone’s life… to abate other people’s suffering.  We have to follow the light no matter what it takes and no matter where it brings us.  Believe in me, we will go somewhere… we will do something productive… and we will be someone…”

Super Fallusion added: “We will be divided in four groups – one to be led by Nowhere Man and the other three groups to be led by Deranged (?), Morose and me.  There will be a lot of trials along the way… Be careful and keep in touch with reality.”

“We are still confused at this time but as we slowly return to reality, our confusion will be abated?  We’ll have to rely on each other this time?” Deranged (?) queried.

“Sob… Sob… Sob… You have to trust each other and we’ll have to push each other forward and let us not put anybody down anymore.  Let us help each other and other people in the real world will help us.” Morose uttered.

The journey toward somewhere started.  The difficulties were endless but with each supporting the other, this obstacle became surmountable. After several days of following the light, some of the creatures of the kingdom were unable to continue.  They still had more apprehension than hope in surviving the impediment.  Their desire to return to reality was continually tested as they pursued the star.

It took them several more generation before they reached half way. A big number would want to quit but others would encourage them not to.  Nowhere Man, Deranged (?) Super Fallusion and Morose would tell stories about fulfillment in the real world.  They were as pessimistic as the rest but it was as if a miracle happened that no matter what, they were in high spirits. The seemingly endless journey continued.

More generation passed but they didn’t quit until finally they reached reality.  The star was gone and so was Nowhere Man, Deranged (?), Super Fallusion, Morose and the rest of the kingdom.  They were gone forever… they left the illusion, broken dreams, confusion and miseries in the kingdom.

As if it were magic, Noah, Paul, Dennis, Mary and the rest of the inhabitants reappeared in the real world – all changed… all overflowing with optimism and everybody was raring to live their respective lives once again.

Noah returned to his family.  His two kids were overjoyed by the return of their father.  They now know that they would have someone to depend to.  The void left by their mother’s death was finally filled.  He then got a job and years later became a hotshot executive but his greatness was not only left in the boardroom.  He was a great father – a model his 2 kids and 5 grand children always look up.

Paul admitted to the crimes he committed and served five years.  Later, he was given a parole for his exemplary performance. H e then became a firefighter… he started saving lives… braving the fumes and flames, he started fulfilling his dream…  He was finally a hero…  One unfortunate day on one of his rescue, upon hearing children stranded in the 2nd floor of a burning hospital…  He rushed on to the second floor.  He was out of air due to the fumes but his act of courage saved all three kids… before finally giving up his life.  He was honored a hero at the time of his death.

Dennis finally ended his confusion.  He finished his studies and later on became an instructor. Years later, he finished his masters and doctors degree at a noted university.  He continued teaching and became one of the best in the academe…  He taught people in order for them not to end up confused…  He was honored by the government for his unequaled contribution to the academe. After several more years, he retired and spent the rest of his life with his family.

Morose has finally found her smile. With the help of her friends and her family, she finally overcame her depression.  One after the other here problems were settled. She pursued a career in journalism – and became one of the paper’s ace reporter. After several more years, she shifted to the lifestyle section where he started giving advice on solving problem… she started helping people avoid the feel of depression. She later on settled down and died a peaceful death at the age of 87 years old due to old age.  Ironically, she passed away with a smile on her face.

The rest also lived successful lives. They were able to end their miseries, confusions and false hopes and in return they had peace of mind, fulfillment and a lot of people supporting them.

The end of Nowhere Kingdom has dawned for these beings.  Nowhere-Nowhere land was still there and will always be awaiting the next Nowhere Man, Super Fallusion, Deranged (?) and Morose.  The truth is the Nowhere Kingdom never really disappears because all people go through phases in their lives wherein they are ruled by their illusions… broken dreams… confusions and miseries…  The cycle never ends for the helpless kingdom.

“The end of Nowhere Kingdom was narrated for one last time in order to show that there will always be hope even if you are in the deepest and darkest vacuum of your life.  People do remain in the kingdom but no matter what hope is a commodity which will always be there to provide a glimpse of good life we always yearned to have.  All things are possible if you’re willing to grab or lend a helping hand… You can always go on somewhere, do something and be someone as soon as you believe in yourself.”

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