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Team Total Fitness: New Beginnings

Posted by on 30. April 2012

Change is the Only Thing Constant

Six months ago, we started a journey together. 14 different individuals bonded by their love for fitness, for running and for multi sports.  We came, we saw and we conquered.  Even at how splendid the last six months, change has come.  New members are coming, new sponsors are coming in and new uniforms about to be unveiled.  Change is the only thing constant and we are welcoming change to shake things up a bit.  It’s season 2, we are now bigger, we are now bolder and this is our new beginning.

Team Totall Fitness Version 2

When the Old meets the New

Pioneer Members

  • Ferdz Capco, Triathlete
  • PJ Cendana, Triathlete
  • Moby De Jesus, Traithlete
  • Charles Dino, Ultramarathoner, Duathlete
  • James Orlanda, Runner
  • Rojan Pajarin, Runner
  • Jeffrey Pineda, Triathlete
  • Franc Ramon, Duathlete

New Members

  • Mike Acebedo, Triathlete
  • Daisy Mae Castaneda, Aqualete
  • Joan Sebastian, Triathlete
  • JR Sebastian, Triathlete

The Events

Photoshoot & Video Shoot

As in season 1, the first encounter of the pioneer members and the new once was through a photoshoot for the redebut of the team for the May issue of Total Fitness.  We also had a video shoot at the Ultra for the video to introduce the team.

Contract Signing, Brooks Distribution and Courtesy Call to Nike Vision

Next in line was a three in one event where we had our contract signing, courtesy call to Nike Vision and distribution of Brooks shoes.  Brooks would be the official shoes and Nike Vision would be the Official Eyewear of the Team.

  • And the rest of our sponsors

We’re proud to announce that aside from Brooks and Nike Vision, we’d be working with the following sponsors.  Immvit for our nutritional supplements, CEP for our compression support, Dermplus for sun protection, Magnolia Purewater for hydration, Polar for our timing needs, TYR for our swimming needs, The Brick Multi sport store for our bike maintenance needs, Moving comfort for fitness tops for female members, TRX / finix who would be providing bi-monthly TRX Training and Andy Leuterio of Alpha Training Systems who would be conducting our trainings for the rest of the season.

New Beginnings

It’s a new beginning.  We are now better and bolder.  Join us as we create a new chapter in our story and watch up for the debut feature of the Team Total Fitness Season 2 at the May issue of Total Fitness Magazine.

Come follow us as our story unfolds again.

Feel free to share this post and the video.

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