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Team Philippines Grabs 10 Medals at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships

Posted by on 10. October 2014

“19 Athletes gave the Philippines something to cheer for by taking home 10 medals in the 18th Asian Masters Athletics Championships (AMAC) in Kitakami City, Japan last September 19 – 23, 2014.  Team Philippines gave a great performance by winning medals and setting new records in the regional meet. “

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Asian Masters Championships

Team Philippines brings home 10 medals at the 18th AMAC

Last month, we attended the sendoff for the 19 athletes competing at the 18th Asian Masters Athletic Championships (AMAC). The main difference of AMAC over other Athletic meet is that it’s for people between aged 35-95 years old.  For those competing in the masters, things are a lot different.  Gone were the days when they lived in a controlled and disciplined environment.  They now live like regular people with their own responsibilities at work and with the family.  The 19 athletes still dared and had the swagger even if they were ranged against thousands of athletes in the AMAC meet.  They were successful athletes in their youth and are now immortalized legends in their prime.  They dared to compete and they still brought home the awards as follows:

  • Margarito Baniqued, 5,000 Meters Walk (M50-54) – Bronze Medalist
  • Erlinda Lavandia (W60-64)
    • Hammer Throw, Bronze
    • Shot Put, Silver
    • Discuss Throw, Silver
    • Javelin Throw, Gold
  • John Lozada, 800 M Race (M40-44), Bronze
  • Emerson Obiena, Pole Vault (M45-49), Gold
  • Victorina Calma, Elenita Punelas, Salve Bayaban and Jeanette Obiena, (W40-44) 4 x 100 Relay, Bronze
  • Julio Bayaban, John Lozada, Edward Kho, Emerson Obiena, (M40-44) 4 x 100 Relay, Bronze
  • Danilo Fresnido, (M40-44) Javelin Throw, Gold (Also Set New AMAC Record of 63.58 Meters)

Team Philippines Medalists

That’s 3 Golds, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze for a 19 Member Team.  The rest of the Team also gave a valiant stand with multi-event specialists Elma Muros-Posadas injuring her ankle in the long jump. Here’s the full list of Team Philippines.

Even with a small delegation, the Philippine Team to the AMAC has been consistently been bringing home medals in this event even as there are thousands of participants joining this prestigious meet with the host country being able to field multiple entry per event.  Below is the summary of previous medal haul of the team over the years.

The Philippine Team was supported by San Miguel Brewery Inc, SOMA, L-Time Studio, Petron, Accel, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, SCORE and El Lobo.  El Lobo, 2 in 1 Sports Drink is the Official Energy Drink of the Philippine Team.   The El Lobo partnership characterized much of the team spirit present in the 19 member team for the AMAC.  El Lobo (Wolf) is known to be brave and strong, clever and noble, social and loyal and they move together.  Those are the very same traits that characterized the delegates of the Philippines at the Athletic meet with their courage and strength in the face of competition, wisdom and sense of community and patriotism as they work and move like a pack supporting each other in victory and in defeat.

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They also have Chooga Juice that is a High-Quality Juice in a Low-Cost Package

El Lobo is manufactured by Refreshment Republic Inc.  Aside from Athletes, they also have the Chooga brand that caters to a younger market with a high quality juice in a low cost packaging. It comes in different fruity flavor that kids would love at only P7 for a 250 ml packaging.  This is the perfect drink you can add to a student’s lunch box.

If you love Tea, they also have one for you.

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We have a bright future in Athletics.

When I was a kid, we were a powerhouse in Athletics and would bring home a lot of Medals in the South East Asian and Asian Games as well as other Athletic meets.  Team Philippines shining in the AMAC not only tells us of the storied past of these athletes and the Philippine Team but it’s a sport we can once again dominate.  The Future is bright for Athletics.

Let the Masters Be Your Guide.

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