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#TaleOfTheTrail Hoka GTX

Posted by on 20. November 2019

For HOKA GTX, the focus of the route is to enjoy the whole Timberland Heights area with all routes inside their confines. It’s a different look compared to the fast dry trails at Speedgoat Challenger and the wet and wild Mafate Mudfest. This time, it’s gonna be about having fun and chilling at the road and trails of Timberland Heights.


It’s a few days before Hoka Challenger ATR Grand Timberland Xperience #HokaGTX and here’s a Tale of the Trail perspective of the different race routes. For the first time, all race routes would be inside Timberland Heights and we get to appreciate a new section of the adventure farm with a mix of trail and road this time around.

18K Race Route

It’s the full course in terms of a meal. You get to have an appetizer navigating the feel-good rolling terrain of the Green Zone for the first 2.5 kilometers. It’s followed by a moderately out and back heading to Base 2 and back to the Chapel entering the 5th kilometer.

The trail then descends to Timberland Falls and climbing up to the Scenic Panoramic Table Top for the next 3 kilometers and then descend back to AS 1 at Timberland Base 2 at Km 9. The route then heads to a long but moderate ascent along the Roxas Loop until Kilometer 12 before shifting to the descent and climb at Black Diamond Loop heading to the road area.

It’s another half a kilometer heading to the Adventure Farm area where we get a scenic backdrop of the cityscape along Pondopo Hill, which then leads to a steep descent before steep climbs heading back to the road at Km 15. The route the leads to a road climb and a short loop a The Glades for the next 3 kilometers to the finish line.

12K Race Route

12K is the complete loop of the course. It takes out the green zone and the basic trail area. The main difference is that from the start it proceeds to the Spine Road Heading to Timberland Falls and hits the Panoramic Table Top at around Kilometer 3 and Base 2 at Km 4.

It goes on a 4.5 K stretch from Base 2 to the Timberland Road passing to the Roxas Loop and Black Diamond. It’s another 1.5K stretch from Timberland Road until the loop in Adventure Farm before heading to the finish line on ascending roads.

8K Race Route

The 8K route heads directly to the Glades for a short route before entering the Black Diamond Trail head. It’s another 2 kilometer before hitting the Timberland Road heading to Adventure Farm with Pondopo Hills as key highlight for the short and sweet route.

The route then ascends Pondopo Hill before the steep descents and ascents heading back to the road before it’s an all out climbfest on Timberland Road heading to the finish line.

Aid Stations

Pies Energy Bar will be at the aid station

Please take note of the Aid Station, which is on Timberland Base 2 and just outside the Black Diamond Stretch. Please take note of the Mandatory Gears and hydration stops would be apart. There will be food, water, Vitargo, Pies Energy Bar at the aid station. There will also be sub aid station in some areas for water refilling only.

It’s gonna be fun in the trails so get ready to have fun, enjoy and be amazed by the raw beauty of Timberland Heights.

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