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Takbo.PH Runfest 2015

Posted by on 15. July 2015

Struggled Big Time for This One.

Date: July 12, 2015

Distance: 21K

Venue: Bonifacio Global City

More than a run, Takbo.PH Runfest is a tradition and a celebration for running.  Running has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and Takbo.PH is among the pioneers of running.  It has also been a personal tradition for me to be a part of the runfest and enjoy a good run and see familiar faces in the community.

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Takbo.PH Tradition

Runfest through the years

If you’ve been running for years now, there are races that becomes part of your tradition.  I’ve been running Takbo.PH ever since 2011 and I always make it a point to enjoy each of the Takbo.PH runs and celebrate running with the community.  The finish line is just a beginning of a whole new race.  That’s what you see as you enter the starting arch before you start the race.  My first finish line led me to my second, then my third and now it’s more than a hundred finish lines already.  It’s now a lifestyle and Takbo.PH is in the forefront of ensuring more people adopt to that lifestyle.  It’s always a no-pressure race for me as I take time to greet running friends here plus I’m low on sleep coming from an event the night before the run. Oh well, a slow race is much better than zero mileage so even if it would be a struggle, I want to add another Takbo.PH Runfest medal in my collection.

Race Route

Race Route is Powered by Sunnto Ambit 3 Sports and Movescount

The race starts in 9th Avenue and heads directly to Kalayaan flyover and going to Buendia until Osmena Highway for the first 6 kilometers of the race.  The race heads back to BGC until kilometer 11.  The race shifts to a climb from Rizal Drive and 5th Avenue before it goes on a rolling terrain in Lawton and Bayani Road where the second u-turn is located at Kilometer 16.5.  The race heads to the finish line via Bayani Road, Lawton, 5th Avenue and 32nd Street.

The Race

Running this one with Ateneo friends Gryf and Mascy.

I was at the venue 30 minutes before gunstart and was able to join the pre-race warm ups and ceremonies.  I just plan to do this one at a slow pace and just enjoy the race as I have minimal sleep plus low training mileage for the week because of the rains.  It’s also been a while since I’ve been racing on roads since I’ve been on the trails most of the time.   The important thing is just to enjoy the run.  At gunstart, I started with a steady pace and went on to finish the first kilometer at a 7 minute pace.  I’ve been trying to start a race with a straight run rather than a run-walk strategy as I want to make sure that the legs are warmed up before I walk to avoid tightening.  The second and third kilometers were mostly at Kalayaan Flyover.  I shifted to a run walk inserting a 30 seconds walk half of the climb.  By the foot of Kalayaan Flyover, I started to go run on road stretches and walk on the crossing stretch and that was until kilometer 5.

Chill pace at runfest. – Photo by Hansen Buasen

I noticed that I set my watch at an average pace instead of lap pace.  So all the while, I thought I was running at 7:30 pace per kilometer though I was actually running much slower as I was pulling down my average time already. That’s boo to me for being too data dependent.   I tried catching up which proved to be a wrong move as I ended up draining my energy source faster.  By the 6 kilometer u-turn, I was already struggling.  I got a recharge from my e-gel so I was able to manage to maintain the 7:30 minutes per kilometer until the 8th kilometer for the first hour of running.

It was a struggle but it’s always worth finishing a race. – Photo by Little Running King of Running Photographers

I shifted to shorter run-walk splits just to cover some distance as I approached Kalayaan Flyover.  I run a strip of the climb before walking most of it and tried catching up on the descents.  It was a mental challenge struggling this early on a run so I went back to the basics, run if I can, walk if I’m exhausted but never stop.  I just tried to find ways to move forward and enjoy the run.  I was running at feel and at the same time checking my heart rate every now and then to manage it.  The race shifted to the Rizal Drive which means it was climbing time.  I was running faster at this stretch than on the flats.  It helps that I was relying more on my quads on the climbs than my calves.  I went at a minute worth of running with 30 seconds of walks on the climb.

Trying to find ways to finish the race – Photo by Rickpets Lens.

I’ve reached the top of 5th Avenue around kilometer 12.5 and it was a rolling terrain.  I got my last gel at the water stop around kilometer 13, which powered me to run most stretches in Lawton and Bayani Road.  I enjoyed the Bayani Road part not because of the run but it’s were I started seeing familiar faces in the route. It was nice to say high and hellos to familiar faces in the running community.  It was a rolling terrain at Bayani Road so I tried to run some stretches on the climbs and went stronger on the descents.  We had the second u-turn at kilometer 16.5 at the end of Bayani Road.  After the turn, I started to distribute my energy on the climbs and took advantage of the descents.  The long climb back to Lawton was a challenge.  I was counting down the kilometers even though I’m low on energy and I was also reserving a final burst on the last two kilometers at 5th Avenue as its a long descent.

Let’s get this over with. – Photo by Rickpets Lens.

A few meters before the descent, I felt my calves cramping and that’s goodbye to the planned final burst.  I tried to jog a bit but halfway into the descent, I felt that the cramping getting worst so that’s it, I decided to walk the last kilometer of the race.  It’s not like I’m still chasing for a personal record or something.  I am still happy to finish this race though I could have done better.  The race conditions was perfect with the chilly weather and a much easier route compared to last year but I guess, I was just too tired for this one.  Well, I’ll do better next time.  Lessons learned: Get ample rest before a run.  Anyway, this is more of a celebration. Congrats to Takbo.PH and Leadpack for a well executed run.  Happy Anniversary too to Takbo.PH and cheers to the Running Lifestyle.

Survived doing Whodunnit the Night Before and Takbo.PH 21K Run.

Outfit of The Race

Cheers to Takbo.PH!!!

  • Race Top: Berghaus with #TaleOfTheTrail Design (Designed by Breakout Design)
  • Shorts, Calf Sleeves, Socks and Visor: Under Armour
  • Shoes: Newton Kismet
  • GPS Watch: Suunto Ambit 3 Sports
  • Eyewear: Oakley Tour De France Radarlock

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