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Amihan 50 Trail Weekend

At times injured, at support mode or on the events side, I’m just glad to be back on the trails at race mode. Amihan 50 10K route felt very familiar and new at the same time. It had a mix of my usual home trail and a surprise in the newly re-established white trails. Continue reading »

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Mount Marami Silyang Bato 21K FKT Challenge

Mt. Marami was my craziest adventure to date. It’s not the toughest of mountains but when it rains, expect to get all kids of mud. The mud didn’t only create a slippery trail, it also sticks on your shoes making each step much heavier. It’s a mental challenge as you have to take some time to plot which would be the safest step while taking advantage of the stones, rocks, grass, shrubs, twigs that can be stop your slide. Aside from the awesome view of the summit, we got a memorable story to tell for ages on how we climb and survived Mt. Marami on a rainy day. Continue reading »

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Incoming: 1st Mt. Marami Silyang Bato 21K FKT Trail Challenge

Mt. Marami has a stunning 360 Degrees stunning view of Cavite, Nasugbu, Batangas and Pico De Loro from the Summit. It has a Runner’s Throne meant for the brave souls adjacent to the summit for that picture-perfect moment of reaching the peak. It’s a race both newbie and experienced runners can enjoy with a large part of the course on rolling fire trails and dirt tracks. It’s happening on August 9, 2105 at Maragondon, Cavite with 21 km, 14 km and 8 km race category. Register Now!!! Continue reading »

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Marami (Maragondon, Cavite)

When it comes to climbing mountains, it’s never easy as each assault humbles us and makes us in a better position to appreciate the beauty from the top. Mount Marami not only gives you the view of the neighboring mountains, it also gives you a seat (Silyang Bato) to serve as your throne as you’ve conquered your self in another tough terrain. Each breathless moment climbing Mount Marami is rewarded with a thousand-folds worth of magnificent views. Get the Chance to Trek Mount Marami in an Actual Race as the 1st Mount Marami – Silayang Bato 21 Km FKT Trail Run Challenge is happening on August 9, 2015 with 21 km, 14 km and 8 km Categories. #TaleOfTheTrail #Merrel #Capra #Suunto #Ambit 2S #BerghausPH #LiveForAdventure #RunnrPH #UnderArmourPh #2XU Continue reading »

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The North Face Run 2014

“Baguio has one of the most scenic trails with a view of pine tree forested areas and the mountain ranges in Benguet.   Don’t be deceived by the scenic delight, TNF 100 offers the most lung-busting climbs and suicide descents that’s definitely gonna take your breathe away – literally and figuratively.  It’s a challenge that would … Continue reading »

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Salomon XTrail Run 2014 #TrailLove

Distance: 12 Freaking Kilometers Date: April 12, 2014 Venue: Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas “When you add an X in Trail, you’re bound to have an extraordinary experience.  Salomon Xtrail Run left us literally ‘breathless’ with the steep ascents. It had us slipping, sliding and tripping on the descents. It gave us a total workout … Continue reading »

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Are You Ready for Salomon X-Trail Run?

Salomon Xtrail Run treats you to the views of Hamilo Coast with a refreshing mix of the greens of nature and the blues of the ocean.  Are you ready to OutRun the ROAD and OutLast the TRAILS? Here are some last minute reminders for the event. Salomon XTrail Run I love trails especially at the … Continue reading »

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The North Face 100

TNF 22K Conquered Distance: 22 Kilometers Date: April 21, 2013 “The best things in life are not always free but this are the thing you worked hard for. I had a greater appreciation and respect for Baguio’s trails and scenic views in doing 22K of uphell torture for TNF.  I would vividly remember the humbling … Continue reading »

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Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 1

After all the mud. Photo by D3finity Distance: 10K (Actual 11K) with Obstacles Time: 1 hour 50 minutes Date: August 26, 2012 Pace: 10 minutes per kilometer No Surrender No Surrender is the first leg of Immuvit’s Fearless Challenge which featured an obstacle trail run with 5K and 10 Categories.  I attended the media launch … Continue reading »

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Incoming: Immuvit Fearless Challenge: No Surrender

  Fearless Challenge Bring in the heavy artillery as Immuvit launches its Fearless Challenge which is a trilogy of Extreme Races that won’t just challenge your running prowess but your overall fitness level.  Three races that’s meant to challenge the participant in different ways starting with an obstacle trail run at La Mesa Nature Reserve … Continue reading »

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