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Tagged With: Life

Ordinary Month of July

Enjoying life is not about creating special days but it is making ordinary days feel special. Finer Side For the past three months, I’ve been in the fast lane going from one place to another.  Trips, Runs, Rides, Duathlons, Training Camps and a lot of out of town and out of the country travels in … Continue reading »

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Every step or misstep leads us to be in the right place at the right time. If A wise professor of mine once said that the saddest word in the dictionary was the word, “if,” because it always leave one wanting for more.  Can you identify a point in time wherein you would have wanted … Continue reading »

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Gloomy Month of June

Gloom By now, I’ve grown accustomed to starting a month with a blog that talks about what’s in store for the month.  If the month of May was lazy, this month has been gloomy.  For one summer is gone and the rain is starting to slow down my outdoor-centric lifestyle.  Somehow, I’m at a crossroad … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: Happiness

My friend Padie Alover requested me to post his take on happiness and I’m taking this in as a guest post on my site.  Read up and be inspired. “Life is a never ending battle of uncertainties”. Everywhere we go we may find uncertain things to happen, certain things that become uncertain. But it may … Continue reading »

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A Runner’s Life

Running is invigorating and racing is even a lot more fun.  The adrenalin rush that comes with your sleep-deprived state just trying to keep up with the rest of the pack to reach the finish line is quite addicting.  Crossing the finish line is so satisfying that it leads you to chase your next race, … Continue reading »

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November Resolutions

“Why wait for January when you can keep a monthly resolution?” November starts with 11.1.11 and would have 11.11.11 in a few days and somehow, you get the feel that this month’s special.  I just came up with an idea that while we wait for January in gleeful anticipation for a new beginning.  We can … Continue reading »

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3 Become 1 I’ve moved to a new home and now all those post about my thoughts, my travels and my runs are now located in a single website,  I started blogging way back in 2005 via Inkblogs with a day to day anything under the sun topic range. I then set up my … Continue reading »

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“For life to matter, you just don’t have to survive it… you have to make a difference.” Sometimes we are just content in surviving life and probably at times, it’s the only choice we have but what does it matter to survive without a cause or a vision to believe in.  It’s like groping in … Continue reading »

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“The Mathematics of life is simple no matter how many fractions you divide your time it all boils down to 1… one life” I’ve managed to split my time into several fractions. A fraction spent at work… a significant fraction spent training and running… another fraction spent traveling for work and play…  a fraction spent … Continue reading »

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Life in the Slow Lane

Running is reflective of life’s goal, sometimes you stop, slow down & fall but the goal is to finish amidst the things that go wrong. It’s been busy past few weekends with me jumping from one event to another and don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Life has now been a … Continue reading »

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