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Tagged With: December 5

The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Manila Arca South

The Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) have gone through a lot. They’ve grown the horde through the Outbreak Manila runs. They were driven almost into extinction after some were cured, controlled or assaulted after being pawns by some self-serving factions. At Oubreak Manila Arca South, the OMZs made their presence felt to grow the horde once again by grabbing as many lifebelts as they can. It was a fresh and desperate bunch of zombies that gave dessert flats of Arca South a loud symphony of human shrieks and screams as about 5,000 humans fought their way to survival. Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: The Outbreak Manila Zombies Strike Back!!!

The Outbreak Manila Zombies has been a pawn in the battle of certain factions. Some have been cured or controlled in the Outbreak Missions. Some have been assaulted in Outbreak Assault. The Undead forces refuse to perish. They have risen and they will strike back. The horde is back and their back to the old bag of tricks, it’s all about running and running for your life. Outbreak Manila returns at Arca South, Taguig on December 5, 2015. Continue reading »

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