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Camp Alpha Goes On an Epic Bohol Adventure

When you’ve been so used to the fit lifestyle, you get to find new ways to have fun. Fun is when you do a battery of core workouts and do running drills in between. Fun is also when you go for a very long 150 km ride appreciating the historical churches and natural attractions. Fun is also when you go extreme on a tough 1.5 kilometers swim. That’s truly an epic weekend for Camp Alpha and that’s just a day in the office for Camp Alpha. #iamspecialized #iamsuunto #GoPro #CampAlpha #EpicBohol #UnilabActiveHealth #Gatorade #NewtonRunning #Bellevue Continue reading »

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ALASKA Ties Up with FCBESCOLA Football Camp

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to football but as soon as I watched a full game of Football, I now know why people are so hooked on it.  You just don’t know when a goal will be scored and if a goal comes in you’d love to witness that exact moment and see … Continue reading »

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Gloomy Month of June

Gloom By now, I’ve grown accustomed to starting a month with a blog that talks about what’s in store for the month.  If the month of May was lazy, this month has been gloomy.  For one summer is gone and the rain is starting to slow down my outdoor-centric lifestyle.  Somehow, I’m at a crossroad … Continue reading »

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