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Posted by on 12. October 2008

Short stop to Singapore for a series of meetings… But unlike my previous visit this year, I had more time to waste as this is not the usual board meeting… so was able to catch up with some friends…
Met up with Warna last Thursday at City Hall MRT… We went to the opening of the dance festival at Esplanade… That’s not really a usual mix… Franc and Dancing… hehe… Anyway, had dinner afterwards… and back to hotel…
Friday was my working day with a series of meeting distributed the whole day… but fun part was meeting with Mon, Shay, Gladys and Darlene for Dinner and Desserts… Incidentally, our offices were now on the same building… Off to hotel after a nice meal at Streets and a dessert at Ben and Jerry’s…
The next day was the lightest being a weekend… shop a bit at Orchard, spending a lazy day at Mon’s place, meeting Joanne and Jenny and playing with my Inaanak Jarren… Jarren was full of energy yesterday and has maintained a healthy built (ambigat)… Light as it was, it was tiring as we did try to shoot some hoops late afternoon… Must increase stamina… hehe…
I’m back home today, having my flight rebooked to an earlier flight… and I’m now catching up on the net and hoping that they’d find a way not to include me in the conference meeting today… Afterall, it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon… =>
Excess Inkblogs: I’ve watched Bloomberg when I was in Singapore and the market indicators are not that positive the whole world over… I guess Trust and Confidence is a missing word in the market lately… but as things are downbeat at the moment, It’ll catch momentum sometime…

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