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Swim for a Cause: Ultra Swim 2

Posted by on 28. July 2014

“Swimming alone is not an easy feat but for someone to swim 25 kilometers is already an extraordinary feat.  Former La Salle Tanker and Triathlete Hanna Sanchez will swim that distance in hopes to raise P100,000 for the benefit of the needy animals at CARA Welfare Philippines.  Let’s support this cause through pledges.”

Let’s Support Hanna

Former La Salle Tanker and triathlete Hanna Sanchez, a long-time CARA Welfare Philipines supporter will swim a staggering distance of 25km to raise P100,000 through pledges (monetary and in-kind) for the sake of needy animals.  The distance itself is no easy feat but since this is for a cause each stroke would result to a better welfare for the animals.


CARA is a currently growing animal welfare organization who promotes and educates people over responsible pet ownership and kapon (spay/neuter) and rescues/rehabilitates animals in need on a case-to-case basis. (Read more: http://caraphil.org)  The organization has also been taking care of the rescued pit bulls from one of the biggest dogfighting bust in the Philippines since 2012. (Read more:  http://helpsavethepitbulls.com/)   CARA has been in the forefront of protecting these animals.

This is the second installment of the swimathon. The first one was held last June 15, 2013. It was able to gather P80,000 pledges. They were donated to various CARA animal welfare programs:

  • Medical/Rescue (50%) – P40, 285.00
  • Charity Kapon (25%)- P20, 142.50
  • CARA Pitbulls Rehabilitation (25%) – P20, 142.50

Due to the recent landfall of the Super Typhoon Glenda that destroyed CARA’s pit bull center, Hanna has decided that 50% of this year’s monetary proceeds will go to its restoration. The rest will be distributed to CARA’s various animal welfare programs.

The event will be held on De La Salle University, Enrique Razon Sports Complex, on August 16, 2014, from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Event Mechanics: 

  1. Enter your pledges through this form: http://tinyurl.com/nf4vlb9
  2. On August 16, 2014, Hanna will swim for 14 hours straight, 6 AM-8 PM to complete the 25 kilometers; 500 laps on a 50m pool. At the end of the event, CARA will inform the donors and sponsors the lap count through email.
  3. You can donate the pledges through bank deposit, paypal, or drop-off in-kind donations at designated drop-off points
For Ultra Swim updates, follow us at facebook! http://facebook.com/caraphil
If you wish to donate now, you can send in donations through:


PESO Account #: 3191-0467-05
USD Account #: 3124-0417-66 Swift#bopiphmm


You can send in your donations to secretary@caraphil.org or click here: http://www.caraphil.org/mainsite/get-involved/donate/
Please specify “Ultra Swim 2”

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