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Super Fallusion Sees The Light

Posted by on 31. August 2012

Super Fallusion Sees the Light is a factual fiction developed in my college years and is a follow up to A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom, Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom and Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere.

First Part: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

Second Part: Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom

Third Part: Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere

Super Fallusion was doing his usual chores in Nowhere Kingdom.  That is safeguarding the kingdom from wrongdoers. Of course, being the resident super hero of Nowhere – Nowhere land, he has to maintain serenity in the chaotic Nowhere Kingdom.  Though he usually fails, he always strives to be the ideal henchmen to Nowhere Man.

One night while doing his regular rounds around the kingdom, he saw a light that shone so bright.  He approached the light and at that instance, he was puzzled. No, he wasn’t imitating Deranged (?).  He just started to realize the value of his existence. Questions such as why he remains stagnant in the land of illusions, broken dreams and confusion started to bug him.  What is he doing in the kingdom?  Where is reality?

After deep internalization, Super Fallusion was about to return to the real world. But Deranged (?) was dejected for Super Fallusion.  He can’t lose someone who have always shared in his miseries…  Someone who always tried to answer his numerous questions…  Naturally, SN’s answers were always wrong.  The true reason why the confused one never wants Super Fallusion to return to reality was simply he never really understood what reality is.

Nowhere Man issued a decree, out of his jealousy of SN’s good fate, prohibiting the hero from finally waking up from his dream.  The subjects of the kingdom started calling Super Fallusion names.  Turncoat, the enlightened one and other names which without a doubt would be positive adjectives in the real world.

With all the confusion around him, Super Fallusion was lost again.  He failed again.  His only chance to finally awaken from a broken dream was another downfall.  He regrets the fact that he was given a chance to be productive in the society again and he was pulled back by the twisted mentality of the individuals comprising the kingdom.

“How can they be so rude? All I wanted was a new life and a new beginning.” He said. Tears slowly fell from his eyes, as he knew it would take several generations again before an opportunity like this will come.

The next day, SN returned to his regular duties. The kingdom was happy for they have another member who could share in their miseries… in their illusions… in their broken dreams… and in their confusion… Nowhere – Nowhere land, in fact, celebrated the return of their super hero.

It would be a big riddle to finally come out of the kingdom when your fellow lost beings is pulling you down rather than pushing you up. Opportunities like this does not come often but there are a lot who plays the role of the spoiler even if he can’t gain anything out of adding misery to others. Nowhere kingdom will always be part of the unreal as long as, its people never help each other move on somewhere… do something and be someone.

Fifth Part:  Morose Enters The Nowhere Kingdom

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