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Subic International Marathon 2012

Posted by on 23. January 2012

Distance: 21K
Time: 2 hours and 18 minutes
Date: January 22, 2012
Pace: 6:34 minutes per kilometer

It’s More Fun in Subic

Subic is always a great weekend getaway and at the start of the year it becomes a stage of the Subic International Marathon. It brings in a droves of passionate runners, fit police and army personnel and even newbies who just want to enjoy a run in Subic scenery in 3K, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon Categories.  It was 3 times the fun for Team Total Fitness at Subic as we were able to sneak in a bike ride around Waterfront drive with a view of the Subic Sunset on Saturday and a swim at Camayan Beach Resort on Sunday after the Run.

Route and Elevation Profile

The Race starts at Remy Fields Oval then you take Rizal Highway for the next two kilometers and then you turn right to Argonaut Highway for the next 6 kilometers. This stretch provides a view of Subic Bay and a climb at Subic International Airport.  The last 2 kilometers before the u-turn slot is another climb towards Corregidor Road with a view of the Forrests of Subic.  The Elevation is almost flat for the first 5 kilometers before you start a climb approaching Subic International Airport and another climb to Corregidor Road covering 50 meters of elevation on the second 5-6K approaching the u-turn slot and then it’s almost downward to flat run from there to the finish line.

The Race

I came into the starting line a little low on sleep and high on training mileage as I’m in my build phase of my training but running in Subic is refreshing with the fresher winds, the scenic bayside view and the fresh forrest scenery you get to see along the road.  The level of competition is also a bit higher here as you get to test your mettle against passionate runners and fit police and army personnel.  I was able to use my head light from the energizer run for additional illumination over the dark skies of dawn. I was off to a flying start for the first three kilometers.  I then settled at 6:30 pace from then on as I want to test how long I can go at a steady and consistent pace.  I was tempted to go slower on the climb at Subic International Airport but I didn’t want the training effect that a hill brings to your legs so just maintained my pace.  It was a nice view approaching the u-turn at Corregidor Road which was surrounded by tall trees with fruit bats flying around.

I always get a fresh burst of energy at the halfway u-turn slot as it is the time you start counting down the kilometers to go and the climb towards the airport is now a dowhill path.  The sun also started to be a factor as it was a hot morning but since it’s countdown mode,  it just gets me more excited to reach the finish line earlier.  Struggled a bit with a bit of soreness in the calf and quads muscles going in the last 5 kilometers so just went on with a slightly slower pace towards the finish line back in the oval.  As I crossed the finish line, I have a new PR for 21k at 2:18 and it was done running at an aerobic phase.  It was a good run and having a new PR is an additional incentive.  The race was great and improved a lot from last year in terms of lighting, water supply and even had a water hose to shower runners along the way.  The 21K finisher dog tag was also a unique memorabilia for the run. Now to look forward to 2013 Edition.

Team Total Fitness

Another great run for Team Total Fitness.  Team Total Fitness was also able to take some photos during the event at the oval area towards the finish line and here are the links.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

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