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Short Leash Unleashed

Posted by on 12. April 2010
“I think 2010 is the time I shake things up and make some changes so it’s gonna be a different year.” The Year of the Franc… Part 4

Well done, a quarter into the year, I’m all shaken up. Some changes did set in and now I somehow pushed myself into a mini midlife crisis. Not really the crisis wherein you feel irrelevant and redundant but more on the one that makes you think if the life you have is the life you want. I don’t have much to aspire in my fast-paced career but it’s the other aspects that I found myself lacking.

There has been a shift in perspective and priorities and the more I think about it, I am drawn to a different future or direction. For one, I do think now of a future contrary to living by the day philosophy I did have for quite some time. Of course, there are things I have to resolve for today for that future to be relevant or else there’ll always be a part of me that will always look back.

Change is good from time to time and even comfortable cycles have to come to a phase where change is eminent. I’m looking really to shake things up and I have that mindset that will always be volatile enough to go for a change yet stable enough to remain standing amidst the changing landscapes. I’m not done shaking things up and at the end of this and when the smoke clears up, it should be a brighter picture left hanging at least, that’s the one I hope for.

Speaking of change, I’m now adopting a short leash approach. I used to have an approach that never fails. Do what you can and I’ll do what’s left. The problem with it is that if people don’t do their share, I end up doing everything and they fail to develop new skills. Now, I’m setting a higher yardstick and eventually, people are gonna perform under that standard. You get a hearty thank you or more if you get things done but you do get reprimanded if you don’t. The short leashed has been unleashed.

It’s been a month now that I’ve been away during weekends as a form of escape. A large part of those time was spent thinking and thinking. That’s the problem with knowing too much, you get to think so much that even the simpler things become complicated. Well, I just hit the thinking breaks and though I don’t know which road to take, I can safely say, I’m now willing to take certain steps forward and will now leave the rest to some unseen hands to take me someplace safe and comfortable.

Thoughtless Thoughts: The real measure of stability is not holding your ground but being able to bend and remain standing after the wind of change has breezed by.

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