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SGV Run For Learning

Posted by on 6. November 2011

Distance: 10K
Time: 1 hour and 6 minutes
Date: November 6, 2011
Pace: 6:36 minutes per kilometer

SGV & Co.

It’s common knowledge that I started my career at SGV & Co and even up until now, I am still connected as a client of SGV & Co.  SGV Run was the closest thing I have to a Company Run and as early as the time this was just an idea, I already have said that I’ll join this run.  Of course, it’s also an advantage is that I get my race kit free as a client.  The objective here is just to have fun as it would be nice seeing familiar faces in the run.

Rainy Day Run

This was my second rainy day race for the weekend.  Funny, how even SGVeans was asking me if the run would push through because of the rain.  I guess, I have the image of running without regard to the weather.  The gun start was moved from 5:30 am to 6:00 am to let the rain taper a bit but the trend on runs lately has been GO whether rain or shine.  I really don’t mind running in the rain as its free hydration.  As the clock hit 6 am it was now the start of the 10K race since I was in front I went with the leadpack before settling at a more comfortable pace after the first kilometer.  I think my Garmin hates a certain area in MOA as this is the second time it wasn’t able to get GPS signal at gun start so just have to make do with using my Garmin just monitoring my pace on a per kilometer basis and not overall time and distance.  After a speedy start, I struggled with some stiffness in my legs in the first half of the race so just went at a 6:30 to 7:00 minute per kilometer pace before hitting the turbo button on the second half of the race.  There was a change in race route taking away the CCP area and in exchange having 2 loops in the area near the chapel until Macapagal boulevard which was a surprise to me as it may have added a few hundred meters to the total route but it’s all part of the race.  After my second loop, it was 1 KM away to finish line and also time for my sprint finish.  I’m starting to get the habit of finishing strong and finished at around 1:06. It was far from my PR but I did have fun in this run.  I placed 44th in the 10K category.


Having a run held under your former home also means you have the luxury of having an entourage to support you.  Reeah was my instant photographer, Lance was her PA and there’s also Kuya Nonoy and Padie and it’s also nice to see familiar faces, MFG, Mae, Eric and some former partners in SGV who bought my Total Fitness Magazine.  This was really more of a company fun run than a formal run with PR-obsessed people.  It’s nice to race in this environment from time to time.  I do hope they do more of this and maybe time it during the deadline of tax filing season and the finish line being able to file the tax returns.  That would be fun.

Excess: ON Time

I’m starting to get adjusted to my ON Cloud surfer and I’m glad that it hasn’t deserted me on rainy days but so sorry to my shoes for being rain drenched for the third straight run. It does give you extra energy for a strong finish.

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