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Sanuk is Back in the Philippines

Posted by on 12. March 2018

Smile!!! Sanuk is back in the Philippines to bring in the Good Vibes and remind us the Power of Smile.  We have a rich source of happy place, be it those scenic beaches, majestic nature trails or just the plain outdoors.  Sanuk is the perfect pair of footwear to keep you spreading the happiness vibes all around.

Sanuk Ph

One of our greatest strength as a nation is our resiliency.  That comes from having the positive mindset even on difficult times.  We have a large database of happy memories from closely knit family ties, wonderful outdoor destinations and even willingly jumping out of our comfort zone with our friends.  Sometimes, we forget how good life is and how blessed we are in so many ways.  Sanuk is back in Manila with a campaign to #SmilePassItOn Light Someone Else Life with the Power of Smile.

Sanuk is our go-to lifestyle footwear as we enjoy the finer side of life.  It’s a global lifestyle brand that’s unique, hip, styling and comfortable that lets us make the most of the outdoor.  I have my share of Sanuk footwear in the past and I always associate it with fond memories at the beach and comfortable strolls and walks in the City and in Nature.  It just reminds us that positivity brings strength of character and its contagious.  So pass on the smile and it’s gonna be a better world out there.

Smile Pass It On is a call to action to simply pass on  your positive vibes to everyone with a smile.  Smiling is the most contagious and delightful gestures one can make. Aside from the fact that it instantly makes as feel better, flashing a smile at someone can turn their whole day around. Smiling at somebody makes you want to share the feeling of happiness and positivity. And that’s what Sanuk is all about.  You smile is a beam that radiates to the next person and creates a chain of good vibes.

Faces of Sanuk

Bea Benedicto and Benj Manalo are the new ambassadors of Sanuk.

Bea Benedicto and Benj Manalo are the new ambassadors of Sanuk.

Sanuk continues to stay true to its brand identity of having an uncompromising and fun attitude.  They handpicked two ambassadors in actor Benj Manalo and social media darling Bea Benedicto.  Benj is known for his role as Pinggoy in the prime time series Ang Probinsyano and as Tolits in the hit musical Rak of Aegis.  He’s also a professional dancer and was part of the hip-hop dance group All Stars.  Bea started as a print ad model until she was able to penetrate the world of television and online programs via the shows Upload, Tanods and Kontrabando.  She is now one of the most engaging personalities on social media, showcasing her unique style and signature online material.  Both Benj and Bea perfectly represent the confident and fun nature of Sanuk.


Benj finds fulfillment and freedom from dancing.  It’s what keeps him happy and when he performs in a crowd he loves to see people smile and be inspired by what he does.  Bea likes to make people smile with her quirky antics and just being her dorky self. She wants to share her happiness and be a sunshine to other people.  It’s important for both to have a positive outlook in life, and as entertainers, they love to make others happy, which makes them the best fit for #SmilePassItOn campaign.

“I just love the comfort and style of Sanuk.  The footwear is not afraid of using vibrant colors and patterns.  It’s not afraid to have fun, like me. It suits my personality, says Benj.

“I like that it’s an easy, everyday kind of footwear. Very comfortable, not restricting, and really cute, ” shares Bea. 

Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

Sanuk presents their 2018 Summer Spring Collection with the Quiba Quest Knit and Yoga Sling.  The next generation of Sidewalk Surfer, the Chiba Quest Knit gives you that weightless feel on your feet that’s made for the journey to your happy place.  The Yoga Sling is perhaps the most comfortable sandals that you’ll ever wear that will cushion every step during your daily walks and activities.

Shop online at their FB Page @Sanukph or you may visit selvel Toby’s Sports stores for the latest collection.  Sanuk will also be available in choice Stoked outlets soon.

Visit @sanukPH Instagram to know more about their campaign and the brand’s new ambassadors.

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