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Sambo Kojin

Posted by on 4. April 2012


The first time I had a do-it-yourself grilled barbeque experience was during my first trip in Taipei years ago and it was a perfect match.  My tummy immediately liked the taste of barbequed lean meat. Play around with the sauce and spices and there you go a savory treat for your taste buds.  From then on, grill your own barbeque has been one of my favorite cravings.

Sambo Kojin

Mascy cooking for us.

And then came Sambo Kojin cook-all you want, barbeque-all-you-can eat barbeque.  I am not really a fan of eat all-you-can restaurant as I don’t eat much but Sambo Kojin should be an exception.  I don’t know if this goes as a sound excuse for eating much but somehow you get to eat in moderation since you still have the cooking time in between food intakes.   If that doesn’t count as an excuse then might as well fall into the temptation of grilling meat, fish and other seafoods or go for their immediately available meals like sushi, maki and tempura or the variety they have for dessert ranging from fruits to cake to ice cream. Throw in good company, then that’s definitely a great combination.

March 9, 2012

March 30, 2012


Spent my birthday here with Team Total Fitness and another follow up weeks after with Mascy, Jeff Lara and Nicole and it seems that a lot of people are spending their birthdays too here as you get to see the birthday greeting from the crew every now and then.  A good way to pamper your guest and yourself is an all-you-can easy to digest meal.  It was a good celebration and once I get that craving for grilled food, Sambo Kojin is on top of my list.

The Cost

The Sambo Kojin experience is priced at a flat rate of P600 per person. A bit pricey for those who don’t eat much but if you’re in to treat yourself and indulge in the different barbeque variety and also play around with the different sauces and spices, the cost is something you can maximize.  The place is usually packed so it would be good to reserve or have yourself wait listed at a specific time.  That says much on how the business is doing and how people are hooked on the Japanese barbeque variety but probably the best way to appreciate Sambo Kojin is to visit them at:

Sambo Kojin EDSA – 207 EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

Sambo Kojin Eastwood – Eastwood Citywalk, Queaon City

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