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Running in the Rain

Posted by on 19. June 2010

I was a kid today. A normal 5K run became something different and exhilarating – Running in the Rain. It do remind me of the carefree times when we were kids playing in the rain. This time it was during a run that was made difficult by rain soaked clothes and shoes, slippery terrain and the continuous falling of the rain. It was really fun and was glad to finish the run amidst the cool breeze that came with the rain.

I hope I was a kid for the rest of last week to but I guess, things are not as rosy as expected. I feel that someone out there is anxiously waiting for me to fail. I hope I am wrong but trust is not something I can just give away that easily. I’ll be vigilant and be cautious but a constant know-it-all lectures even when it is inappropriate and premature won’t stop me from getting the job done. I guess that’s how I work – not necessarily Mr. Popularity but always effective and creative. At the end of the day, if you’re a diamond, you’ll always glisten. If you are trash, you’ll always stink.

The busy days are approaching and I’m slowly emerging from my anti-social shell. Come to think of it, the slack I thought I can enjoy after AGM never really came because of eternal meetings and that’s the problem with some people really. They spend so much time talking about the problem than finding the solutions. Oh well, there’s so much know-it-alls trying to outwit each other. For me, I’ll just continue seeking answers instead in overreacting with all those questions. I have burst some of my protection bubbles by allowing people more leeway to present what they have to offer. It’s best to let people have ownership with what they do even if it means it would take more time and mistakes.

I’m still ecstatic of Purple & Gold’s come from behind championship win over Green. I’m glad that I’ve been rooting for Purple & Gold all this time. It was a nice series though and Green was a worthy adversary. Hope they can make it a three-peat next year.

Weekends have been packed lately and I guess that’s always a welcome change. I just hope to have more runs and training and be healthy in the process. Speaking of health, I just hope I don’t get to be sick after running in the rain but who cares, it was real fun running in the rain.

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