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Run Longer and Safer with Zensah Compression Gear

Posted by on 24. July 2014

“I’ve been using compression wear for several years now as it reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery and keeps me focused on the run.  Cascos Inc. brings in a seamles compression gear  in Zensah that carries the technology that made it the among the world’s leading compression brands.  With Zensah, you can be fast and flashy in your runs with their lightweight material and 30+ different colorways. #ZensahPH” 

Compression Works

I’ve first learned the benefit of compression when I started to build up for my first half marathon way back in 2011.  You really have to invest time in building about 40-50 kilometers of mileage per week on a consistent basis.  While you build up the mileage, you also start building muscle fatigue and this is how I found compression wear effective.  On runs, it improve blood circulation and keeps muscle relaxed.  It allows you to focus on running and not on muscle pains.  It also adds support to the muscle and key joints to prevent injuries.  More importantly, since it lessens muscle fatigue, I get to recover faster for the next run.  Training is a cycle so it’s important to recover fast for the succeeding cycle.  Fast forward to today. I’ve finished a marathon and numerous half marathons and I’ve always had calf sleeves or compression tights supporting my legs throughout those races.

Compression wear keeps the muscle warm, thus preventing strain and muscle fatigue.  This really helps as you run longer as Zensah calf sleeves adds support to the Calf, Shin and even the bottom of the knee.  It adds comfort as you go on running harder and longer when you know the injury prone areas are protected.  With a seamless finish, Zensah also prevents chafing, rashes and blisters that can slow you down.   I’ve had my fair share of running injuries from plantar fasciitis, heel tendonitis, shin splits, runners knee and cramps over the years and I’ve managed to continue with a lifestyle of running because of compression wear.

Benefits of Zensah Compression Wear

  • Improves blood circulation – For more than half a century now, compression garments have been used in treating illnesses like diabetes, edema (swelling of the ankles, feet, and legs), and deep vein thrombosis by improving blood circulation, bringing valuable oxygen to those hard-working muscles and increasing blood flow.
  • Reduces recovery time – By improving blood flow, compression gear speeds up the removal of metabolic waste, thus reducing the presence of lactic acid in the body. If you’ve ever experienced pain and cramping the day after a particularly grueling workout, lactic acid is the culprit. It’s a by-product produced during exercise or any kind of strenuous activity that contributes to muscle soreness and fatigue. Zensah compression leg sleeves effectively decrease the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS, so you can hit the pavement when you want to, without having to wait for muscle fatigue to wear off.
  • Prevents injury – Compression leg sleeves support the calf in a way that regular socks don’t; through graduated compression, the muscles in the calf and shin are compressed, reducing the damage caused by continuous movement and impact from long-distance running. Shin splints are a common injury for many runners. With Zensah leg sleeves, you’ll be able to get instant relief from a debilitating, and inconvenient, injury.
  • Provides the perfect ergonomic fit – Zensah leg sleeves are engineered with chevron and micro ribbing which provides support for the calf muscle and minimizes fatigue, while Zensah Tech+ compression socks employ ultra-zone ribbing that improve ankle and arch stability ensuring a better, more comfortable run.

Zensah compression leg sleeves and Tech+ compression socks are the ultimate in athletic apparel, and are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and injury-free throughout every run.  It’s 30+ different colorways gives you all the alternatives to look flashy on race day and match it with your outfit of the race.

Zensah compression-wear is now available in the following outlets: Runnr, Planet Sports, R.O.X., Arena.

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