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Run Like A Thief with Under Armour Bandit 3

Posted by on 3. October 2017

Run as if you stole something, that’s probably what Under Armour had in mind when they came out with the Bandit line.  Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 gives you all the tools to run like a thief with its lightweight design, precise fit and cushioned feel.  It’s gonna make you steal some precious seconds or minutes in chasing your personal best.

Under Armour Running

I have a long line of old reliables when it comes to Under Armour line of running and fitness shoes.  There’s the SpeedForm Apollo, which is among the lightest shoes out there at less than 6 ounces.  There’s the SpeedForm Gemini, which introduces Charged foam / cushioning technology that can keep your feet comfortable for hours.  Even Steph Curry’s line of shoes uses the same technology to match his blitzing pace on the court.  Then there’s the Under Armour Charged Bandit line that takes its DNA from the best of the previous models.  Bandit 2 game me a feel of the more traditional running shoes with focus on cushioning, responsiveness and a construction that makes running a lot more comfortable.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

Bandit 3 is a major level up from previous incarnation.  It’s a much lighter shoes compared to the Bandit 2 at just about 9 ounces.  With running as a rhythmic continuous activity those savings on those precious ounces can really save a lot of wear and tear on the legs.  It uses the same Speedform technology that gives you a more precise and responsive fit that makes you focus more on the run and be more adoptable to the different surfaces.  I have a lot of heel issues lately especially with so much time in the trails.  So I really appreciate that the Bandit 3 has a heel counter to keep the heel in place and reduce over pronation.

Recent changes in shoe technology veer towards even lighter shoes and take out some of the cushioning.  While it’s true if you’re running at the right form, there’s a reduced impact on the legs.  I’ve finished 2 marathons using lightweight shoes using this assumption but I still do appreciate the Charged Cushioning of the Bandit 3. Why? In the long-run, those accumulated wear and tear can lead to injuries.   I think this is also the reason that my knees are less stressed when wearing the Bandit 3.  With thousands of mileage under my soles, I’m just glad that the cushioning technology of the Bandit 3 is there to preserve my legs and knees for years and decades more of running.

It has a mesh exterior, which uses Under Armour’s Threadborne technology that’s light, breathable, durable, stretchable and allows you a better feel of the road.  The Threadborne technology is among my favorite innovations of Under Armour especially since the Philippines is a tropical country.  It’s just designed to let you feel cool even on hot and humid days.  The mesh knit may not be waterproof but it does dry faster than other fabrics.  I’m not a fan of waterproof shoes since once the water comes in, it doesn’t go out.  Sometimes, you just have to embrace water in your shoes as it will also help cool it down while running.

Stair-sessions with Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

Stair-sessions with Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

In my years of running, my foot usually doesn’t adopt well with new shoes but the Bandit 3, stole my heart in an instant.  It felt good running using the Bandit 3 both in the road and in the treadmill.  It’s also looks so fashionable even for regular days. It does make running feel easier with an ortholite sockliner that molds to the foot making it more responsive.  I also run at night so I feel much safer with 360 reflectivity that keeps me visible at night plus how can you not stand out with their flashy colorway.  I got a blue colorway, which is my favorite color.

Light, responsive, durable, cushioned and breathable. That’s Under Armour Charged Bandit in a nutshell.  It’s designed for the fast and long ride for both newbies who still need to work on their running bad habits and experienced runners who would want to preserve their legs for the long haul.  Either way, with proper training, the Bandit 3 can steal away those precious seconds or minutes en route to your new personal best.  Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 is now available at Under Armour stores in the Philippines.

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