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Posted by on 4. September 2010

I’m addicted… addicted to you…

I’m starting to be a Run-A-Holic… I just had my second run in the past two weeks and I’m already registered in another a few weeks from now. I’m squeezing a few evening training runs during weekdays though it’s quite difficult lately due to the rainy weather. I’m real glad that I’m starting to focus again on fitness. I don’t feel sluggish nor bloated anymore and I may have dropped a few pounds. I’ll be on full gear training mode in a few weeks and may move on to 10k runs after a few more runs. I’m loving every bit of this new found passion to run.

I’m not necessarily running away from something but it does break the monotony of everyday life which is somewhat filled by now in managing difficult to deal with people. Some people feel inadequate enough to make it a mission to be a fault-finder and a credit grabber. Except that it gets annoying at a certain time, I don’t mind being blamed though it really gets preposterous when even non-finance related items are now being blamed on my people. People don’t really have the spine to admit their own mistakes and take responsibility on their turf. Blame all you want but my satisfaction is a job well done with or without the credit due to it. At the end of the day, people won’t support people just pretending to know-it-all. Humility always matter.

Life is too short for bitterness, anger and hatred so even if I’d want to go on a warpath. I’d take a professional approach on just doing what I have to do and just let people tire themselves sending rude, inappropriate and unprofessional emails. The day will come that all this will bounce back to its source. What goes around comes around.

And about running in the race of life. We do always want to chase the happy endings but the truth about life is not really about endings. We run, we walk, we strive, we celebrate, we mourn, we love, we hate, we win, we lose and we get to expect a heartbeat stopping chase but what matters the most is taking a journey worth having and savoring each phase of the trip and when it comes to a point that the happy ending is not there when everything have been said and done just look back at the path you took and you’ll know it was well worth it.

You never really end up losing on what you give to the world because one way or another it will come back not when you expect it but when you need it the most. With that in mind, I am happy that I did give out as much as I can.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. =>

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