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Run 4 Ur Future

Posted by on 30. August 2016

It’s a cool day for a chill run – Photo by Philip BF.

Run 4 Ur Future sent a message of the importance of savings to their runners. It was a chill run for weekend warriors like me.  The overcast weather was perfect for a feel good run. Anytime, I get to add mileage to my weekend schedule is always fun in my books.

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Run 4 Ur Future

Gotta Love the New Fuel Belt with compartment, race bib and gel holders.

I was super relaxed for this run. Zero expectations but just going for a good work out.  Run 4 Ur Future was an intimate race that came with the message of savings to the seaferers.  Our future is uncertain but when we save and /or invest, we can be ready for those surprises. It’s also just great to just go out and enjoy the run in its simplest form and you’ll be surprised at the results too.

Race Route

Race Route Powered By Suunto Ambit 3 Sports

Race Starts at Seaside Boulevard with a 2 kilometer out and back before heading for Diokno Boulevard.  There’s another 2 kilometer out and back in Diokno Boulevard before heading Pea Road 1 for another 2 kilometers out and back before the race shifts to Macapagal. The Macapagal stretch is about 3 kilometers out and back before heading back to Seaside Boulevard for the finish.

The Race

Pre-Race – Photo by Philip BF.

It was raining hard going to the start time of 5 AM. I rushed to the start area since I arrived just 15 minutes before gun start.  Funny, how I entered the Hydro Manila area thinking it was the event area along SM Mall of Asia.  As soon as I realized that I was in the wrong area, I went to find the start area which is just a few blocks in front of Vikings.  It turned out because of some logistics issue and the rain, the gun start was moved to 6 am. No issue with me since it was a cool Sunday Morning. That just means more time to meet friends before the gun start.

With the Great Jared before the Race. – Photo by Philip BF.

After the warm up and the morning ceremonies, it was time to start the race.  The 16 K distance started their race at 6 am, while we had a gun start at 6:15 am.  I started pacing with Bave and Team Hunyango.  We started a bit fast but at a relaxed pace.  The first part was a 2 K loop along Seaside Boulevard.  I wanted to finish that set before the 5 K category started at 6:30 am and I was able to hit Diokno Boulevard before the 5K runners started.

Say Hi!!! – Photo by Philip BF

Diokno was another 2 kilometer stretch. I’m starting to like this one as it’s practically doing several 2 kilometer stretch at a time.  The Diokno stretch had a minor rolling terrain but it’s definitely run-able.  I just went at a consistent run rate and would walk 20-30 seconds to recover.  So far so good.  I’m enjoying the pace. It was easy but it still was a good workout.  I then shifted to the next 2 kilometer stretch at Pea Road 1.

Back Running with my Newtons.

I was also back to running using Newton Running Shoes.  It’s just easier with its forefoot lugs that gives the extra push of the toe with each stride.  The Pea Road stretch was a flat course with a u-turn before EDSA.  I was still going for a modified run walk set with about a minute or 2 of running and 20 seconds of recovery walk.  I went at this pace until I reaching Macapagal Boulevard.

Run Franckie Run – Photo by Philip BF

I felt a bit more exhausted hitting the Macapagal Stretch.  I still maintained the run – walk set. I shortened the run interval just enough so I won’t get lazy and just walk the remained of the course.  I did this until I reach the u-turn slot approaching the u-turn at Jalandoni Street and back.

Approaching the Finish Line – Photo by Philip BF.

After the Macapagal Stretch, it was just about a kilometer to the finish line.  I used up all my reserves to complete the last stretch to the finish line and just like that, I’m done with the race.  It was an intimate race but I love the much relaxed environment and the really cool weather.

With Bave after the race.

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