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Reebok Run

Posted by on 5. June 2011

Distance: 10K
Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
Date: June 4, 2011
Pace: 6:48 minutes per kilometer

I consider this race as more of training than an actual race as I’m now slowly shaking off my sluggishness and really didn’t set much of a goal this time.   I did like the route for this one as it is relatively simple compared to the previous runs though there was a time I stopped a while since they modified the race course from the one in the race maps.  Surprisingly, this had an earlier than advertised gun start but no complains from me since the earlier the race starts, the sooner I finish and the longer I can run without worrying about the heat.  There was ample water station and the loot bag had free drinks and a reebok cap.

I started the race at a fast pace testing how far I can sustain the pace and that I guess it lasted for the first quarter of the race including the uphill climb to Kalayaan flyover after which I decided to just go at a steady pace.  I knew I haven’t build up enough stamina to go all out for a 10K.  Later in the race, the heat was now on and this time I came prepared with my visor and shades so the heat was not much of a burden this time.  I boosted the speed meter in the last kilometer once more to have a strong finish.

Overall, I think this was a good race even if its far from my PR form as I ran at a steady pace except for a few weak kilometers and was able to push myself enough but of course, I’d like to get back the speed and stamina I once had.  I know I can get back to the form and there’s only one way to attain that, working hard consistently.  I need to push myself harder and longer.

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