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Red Crab’s Barako Cheesecake

Posted by on 16. December 2012

Barako Cheesecake – Photo by Jeffrey Avellanosa

“Life is like a cup of coffee it’s he bitter taste that keeps you awake.”

Coffee has been a constant companion since I started working.  Nothing starts my day better than a fresh cup of coffee to rejuvenate my senses and keep my mind upbeat.  What goes well with a fresh cup of coffee?  It’s a sweet with a mildly salty after taste in the form of the cheesecake.  Red Crab Alimango House has taken it to another level combining the bitter taste of coffee, the salty taste of cheese and the sweet taste of cake.  The Barako Cheesecake will be an official part of the dessert menu of Red Crab come 2013.

Time to savor the Barako Cheesecake – Photo by Jeffrey Avellanosa

We were lucky enough to sample of the Barako Cheesecake at the Christmas at Suchero Event last December 13, 2012.   It was love at first bite.   The taste was exquisite as bitter mixes with salty and sweet which is such a savory treat for the taste buds.  I like that the cake is soft as some cheesecakes are built as hard as a cheese.  The sweetness level is mild and just right.  An added bonus especially for weight-watchers is that the sugar used is Suchero, which is a healthier sweetener than regular sugar.  A coffee and a cheesecake in one, who wouldn’t fall for that?

Half Way Though – Photo by Rodel Montejo

This would really be a perfect complement once you dine in Red Crab as you insert a few round of Barako Cheesecake while trying out Red Crab’s seafood treats.   After trying out the different meal offering of Red Crab, you would definitely want to look for something different in between the meal or as a dessert.  The Barako Cheesecake can really delight the taste buds like no other.   Just try it.

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