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Powerade Duathlon

Posted by on 25. March 2012

Distance: 6K Run, 30K Bike, 3K Run
Time: 2:22 including transition (6K Run: 37 minutes, 30K Bike: 1:17, 3K Run: 21 minutes)
Date: March 25, 2012
Pace: 6K Run: 6:10 minute per kilometer, 30K Bike: 23.5 Km/hour, 3K Run: 7 minute per kilometer


The story of me in a duathlon event has been a long story waiting to happen.  It’s something I never expected nor have seen myself doing but being exposed to awesome triathlete friends, one has to wonder, “What if?”.   It did took me a long while to come to this point of the story but I guess it’s not how long it takes you from point A to point B but what’s important is you get to enjoy the process.  I finally got my bike late December equipped with so little knowledge of handling a road bike.  I was aiming for a May 2012 duathlon debut knowing that March is my busy period but by some crazy turn of events, I ended up signing up in Powerade Duathlon as part of Team Total Fitness.  I was really more terrified than excited for this event as I’ve so many flaws in biking but I know that the experience in an actual duathlon event would go a long way in motivating me in this sports. So be it, let’s go 6K Run, 30K Bike and 3K Run!!!

6K Run Leg

I felt jittery for this event to the extent that I had tummy troubles before the start of the race and lucky for me, there’s a rest room in Army/Navy near the transition area.  So out with the jitters and on with the run.  Two loops from Commerce Ave to Corporate Woods Ave with a significant part of the run on hilly terrain.  I felt rusty at the start being away from an actual racing environment for over a month.  I was able to go at sub 6 minute per kilometer pace for the first two kilometer though slowed down a bit on the third kilometer and just maintained a steady pace for the rest of the run leg as I wanted to preserve my energy as this was still a long way to go.  I had bloopers in my first transition already as I forgot to place my watch in front of my bike and good thing I had Jeff guiding me on what to bring on the bike leg and what not to.  So 30K here we go!!!

30K Bike Leg

6 loops from Commerce Ave to Corporate Ave to Parkway Street to Filinvest Ave and the hilly part from Corporate Ave to Corporate Woods Ave to Laguna Heights to Corporate Ave again before a final u-turn at Filinvest Ave on the way to East Asia Drive per loop.  I had meager expectations for this part as just weeks ago I was barely biking 20kph at my best effort but I did step up my pace a bit after a tough hill bike ride in Tagaytay at Team Total Fitness camp two weeks ago.  Since I had my watch on my wrist instead of my bike, I had no idea on my pace until I saw my bike splits from my watch after the race.  It was anything goes, just do your best and hope to finish at a good time.  The first kilometer was more of feeling out the course and started at just 20 kph before going through the rest of the race at around 23-25 kph.

The first part of the loop was hilly until you reach Palms Country Club and would go flat after.  Every time, I passed by Palms, I felt relieved as I can rest a bit on the flat grounds.  Among the things I have yet to do was use one hands while biking so I can hydrate so I wasn’t able to hydrate for the first 20K until I decided to stop for a while just to hydrate.  That’s one of the flaw to work on.  Of course, the other flaw would be speed and so here begins the quest for a sub 1 hour 30 bike leg.  Long way to go but it should be something I can work on.  Finished my bike leg at 1:17 way above my meager expectation of 1:30.  As I approached transition, I felt really exhausted and almost cramping.  Thanks to big bang workouts, I know I can endure despite being wasted.  It was total disaster from transition as I entered the exit area instead the start area so had to go back to the correct start area.  While I did waste so much time, I felt relieved that only 3K stands from completing my first duathlon.

3K Run Leg

Here we go 3K before I lay claim to the title, duathlete.  By this time my calves was on the verge of cramping so just took smaller but faster and more consistent steps and was able to go at around 6:30 minutes per kilometer.  I think at this point, it was more heart and running form than energy so just went on at this rate and slowed down a bit on the uphill part and after about 21 minutes, there I was approaching the finish line with some of my team mates cheering me on.  39 kilometers complete and mission accomplished,  I finished the race!!!  Looking back, it was the best effort I could have given at this time.  Of course, there’s a long way to go in duathlon but I’m just glad I’m on the right track.  I felt wasted and my heart rate was at a high but hitting the finish line was well worth it.  I’m a Duathlete.

Team Total Fitness at Powerade

Team TF with JR and Jhoan

It feel so good to be part of a team and as I’m learning the ropes in duathlon, I’m glad to have team mates who are great and passionate triathletes and not to mention having an awesome Coach who’s not only a great athlete but also a very positive person.  It pays to have the right attitude and blue collar workmanship in multi sports. Going 39K was really difficult but having supportive team mates sure eases a bit of the load.  Congrats to Coach Andy for a podium finish on his age group and to the rest of the team who had a great performance for the event.  It’s a great day for the team!!!

Photos taken by Team Total Fitness at Powerade Duathlon (Click here)

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