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Pacing 10K at Run United 1 2016

Posted by on 14. March 2016

10K Pacers Duty Completed – Photo by Art Mendoza

I’ve been pacing for Run United since they started the system over a year ago.  The unique part of this year was they extended the pace groups to the 8 minute per kilometer pace group.  I’m sure this group would live by #ActiveHealthPh mantra of Exceeding Themselves as they get pushed to get pass the 1:20 barrier for 10 kilometers. #2016RunUnited1 #RU1 #ExceedYourself

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Run United 1 2016

I’m starting to get more comfortable pacing 10 kilometers at Run United.  I always want to mix up my long and short distance race goals so it won’t feel like a routine already.  The fun part of a 10K run is that you can push yourself harder and not worry about losing steam in the process.  I opted to pace the 10K Group with a 1:20 finish time.  It’s an easy pace but I also believe that there are a lot of runners who needs to be pushed to breach the 1:20 barrier and be confident that they can do better.  I made sure that my legs would be ready for the race by doing regular runs on weekday.   It was also my pleasure to be group with fellow passionate runners Toto Mina, Van Denn Cruz, Gia Estrella and Cleo Armendez.

10K Pacers for 1:20 10K Finish Time

Race Route

Race Route is Powered by Suunto Ambit 3 Sports and Movescount

Race Starts at Seaside Boulevard near Bayshore Avenue.  The race heads to J.W. Diokno Boulevard for an out and back and exits Seaside Boulevard for the first 3 kilometers of the race.  The race shifts to Macapagal Boulevard and enters the Vicente Sotto for the next 2 kilometers of the race.  The race then goes to Roxas Boulevard for an out and back for the next 2 kilometers of the race.  The race goes back to Vicente Sotto and Macapagal Boulevard for the next 2 kilometers before heading back to Seaside Boulevard for the last kilometer and the finish.

The Race

Pacing with these guys!!!

The story heading to the race is equally as exciting as the race itself.  I left Makati at 3:45 AM since assembly is at 4 AM and Gun Start is at 5:00 AM.  Since I knew that some portions of Roxas Boulvard would be closed I opted to take EDSA and that’s when the exciting part starts.  It was bumper to bumper upon entering EDSA since the Magallanes Flyover was under construction and only one lance was operational.  I had to bear the burden of the traffic.  I finally arrived at SM Mall of Asia at around 4:35 AM.  The first parking slot I took was full but luckily the indoor parking slot were available.  At 4:45 AM I rushed into the starting line only to realize that it was on the other side of the fence so I tried to find a small opening where I can squeeze myself in to get to the other side.  Does that mean I’m thinner now?  I was able to go to the pacer’s tent, took of my shirt, wore my pacers shirt and rushed in to the starting line where I had about a minute left before gun start.

1:20 Group

I missed the introduction of pacers but at least I was there at the start of the race.  We decided to go on a 4:1 run walk scheme so that the runners would learn how to lengthen their stamina using the walking breaks.  At gun start, we started to run and try to separate the group from the bigger pack so we could have a bigger room to run.  After the first 5 minutes of running, we started with the first walking set and we were explaining to the runners the approach we would be using to cover the distance and the benefits of the run walk set. It lets you control the race and reduces fatigue as you get to recover on the walking sets.  It also allows you to utilize the different leg muscles since walking and running uses different muscle groups.

Having Fun!!! – Photo by Art Mendoza

After the first 2 kilometers, we realized that the 4:1 run walk set is still a bit fast compared to our goal of 8 minute pace. The runners in our group was game with the faster pace though.  We decided to go on a 3:1 run walk set instead.  We had a really fast run set but had a relaxed walking set.  We also try to time the walking sets on water breaks so it would be more efficient.  Of course, we also had to break for our Group photos.

Photo Break!!! Photo by Art Mednoza

We crossed our first 5 kilometers at around the 35 minute mark, which was about 5 minutes earlier than our target time.  Since we were early, we had an additional 1 minute for the walking break to allow the rest of the pack to catch up.  We encouraged the runners to take their nutrition (carb gel) at the half way point of the race.  We went on with the 3:1 Run set until the 6 kilometer mark and u-turn, which we crossed at around 43 minutes.  We shifted to a 2:1 run walk set since we’re still early for our expected time. We also extended the water station break to wait for other runners in the pack.

It’s always fun to run with a group. – Photo by Art Mendoza

The runners still had a lot in their tank as we returned to V. Sotto at the 7th kilometer.  We maintained our pace and used the walking breaks to tell the runners how the run walk set can help them in their runs and how proper pacing can give them a stronger finish.

Finishing Strong – Photo by Day Spotted Photography

1 kilometer to go and we had 13 minutes left to finish the distance, which meant even if we walked the last 1 kilometer, we’d still hit our time.  We encouraged our group to go ahead and finish with an even better time but they wanted to finish the race with us.  We decided to give them one final push and let them finish with a better time.

Running as one with the 1:20 Group! – Photo by Active Pinas.

For the last 400 meters, we went on a straight run allowing our group to finish at an even faster time they expected.  We knew they had it in them to finish strong so we just gave them that added push.  Congrats 1:20 Group, it was great running with you!!!  After our runners crossed, we went back to the course to cheer the remaining runners.

Presenting your 2016 Run United Pacers. – Photo by Active Health

Outfit Of The Race

Pacer Mode

  • Top: Active Health Pacers Singlet
  • Shorts and Visor: Nike
  • Shoes: Newton Kismet
  • GPS Watch: Suunto Ambit 3 Sports
  • Eyewear: Oakley Radar EV
  • Socks: Under Armour

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