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Off Season

Posted by on 15. December 2011

My 2011 racing calendar has just ended.

Off Season

Just like that… 21 races covering 232 kilometers of adrenalin rush and over 1,500 kilometers of trainings is a thing of the past.  Just a few days away from all the races, I already miss the satisfaction of crossing a finish line whether it be the strong finish I’ve always wanted to do or the limping finish after being meticulously broken down during a long run.

I’m taking a step backward hoping that it gives me two full steps forward.  I’m taking my time to recover from the wear and tear of the year.  I’ve reached the point of muscle failure in a race yet still had enough will to finish but being down cramping on both legs in the middle of nowhere is humbling.  On one hand it does make you feel vulnerable but on the other side, it makes you stronger and builds your character.  I’ll be taking some time off from high-intensity running in time for the holidays. When I resume my build up…  there will be no excuses, just a determined me going for new heights.

Hello Friends!!!

‘Tis the season to be chubby… La la la la la la la…  Christmas parties are here, there and everywhere.  I love that I’m finally meeting some old friends who I haven’t seen for months or even years but I’m hating the excess pounds it brings plus the lesser time to train.  I haven’t bought a single gift and it’s not because I am stingy or something.  The parking spaces are always full and to my advantage, I haven’t been spending much on retail therapy.  I have a few more weeks to meet non-running friends or even running friends in a non-running capacity.  This is gonna be fun!!!

Bike… Bike… Bike…

I finally got my road bike that took me sometime to decide.   Getting a bike is like rocket science.  I had to ask so many people who’s into bikes on what would be the best to buy and I ended up buying a Scott Addict R3 2011 with Shimano 105 Groupset and Mavic Aksium Wheelset.  Even after having the bike with me, I’m still having nosebleeds listening to some of the aspects of the bike.  I’ll consider this my Personal Christmas Gift.  It’s gonna be a new sport to learn and I’m a newbie once again. For now, it’ll be secret trainings til I get the hang of it.  Still focus on run training until Condura and include bike by mid-February and hoping to join my first duathlon event in 2012.  I’m gonna enjoy this and it seems I may be able to reconnect to some friends who’s also into biking.   Bike ON!!!

Offseason Blogging

I’m really overwhelmed with the increasing number of hits at  I started blogging way back in 2005 and it was more of just an outlet to unleash my thoughts.  I was happy just having a few friends read my blogs and really appreciated those few hits and comments.   Now I’m getting hundreds of readers for my blogs.  Its been really overwhelming having readers, and people liking and sharing my blogs.  I just had to close the comments section as I got several spams crowding my comment section but be rest assured I’m very much thankful for anyone who visit my site or share my posts.  I’ll do my best to write more on relevant topics, more visual travel tales and by the kilometer race experience.

Team Total Fitness

It may be weeks away for good measure but I do miss those hardcore group workouts we do but it’ll be interesting how tormenting 2012 workouts would be… I’m Thrilled!!!

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