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NY Theraspine is Now in Makati

Posted by on 21. October 2015

If you’ve been reading my post, you’ll realize that running is not all about the glory and satisfaction one feels.  You also get to experience a lot of aches, pains and at times, injuries in between.  NY Theraspine has helped me during those phases and I’m just glad that they have opened their Makati Branch, Anatomy Trains by New York Theraspine at 2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. 

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Anatomy Trains by New York Theraspine

With One of the Owners, Michelle Natividad (Center) and my triathlete fried, Gryf (Right)

I became a client of NY Theraspine last year after I had a shin injury.  Running was starting to become a chore for me as I have to deal with shin pains when I run.  Aside from the pain, I also felt like running with heavy and stiff legs.  It turns out that I’ve accumulated so much stiffness on my legs for the years running.  Last year, I had to undergo physical therapy that had me undergoing Electronic Nerve Stimulation and Ultra Sound to strengthen the shin as well as some Myotherapy and Myofascial Release to  loosen up the stiff muscles. I had to do the routine of visiting their Quezon City Branch at 73 Dr. Lazcano, Tomas Morato Makati for Physical Therapy and Myotherapy.  At the end of my treatment, I was back in the game preparing and successfully finishing my 2nd Full Marathon with flying colors.  It would have been a much painful journey without NY Theraspine.

I got more good news from NY Theraspine about a month ago as they have opened their Makati Branch at 2135 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, 1230.  It’s inside the Primal Ape Crossfit Area.  That’s just a bout 10-15 minutes walk from my office.  Things we’re a lot different. I wasn’t injured this time but I had accumulated a lot of stiffness in my legs once again.  I started to have regular Myotherapy once again. Myotherapy is a sports massage.  It reduces muscle tension and stiffness.  It reduces spasms and cramping.  It aides relaxation and is an excellent stress management tool. It’s not the easiest of the massage as it’s a really heard massage as they release the tension and stiffness in the muscles.  As I said in the past, it’s a love hate relationship for me when it comes to Myotherapy. I hate the way it stings but I love the feeling after all the muscle tensions have been loosened up.

Gaining my speed back after Myotherapy. Photo by KB Runner for Photo-ops

Your legs feels so light after a myotherapy session. It feels that you’re running with weights on when your legs are stiff but once all the stiffness has been released it’s like running after removing the weights in your legs.  The opening of their Makati Branch came just in time as I was in the middle of my preparations to be a pacer for Run United Philippine Marathon.  Fast and Franc has not been on the same side of a sentence for so long that it felt like Mission Impossible running at 6:30 minutes per kilometer again for a 10K run.  That’s reducing about 1 minute or more on my much comfortable pace of 7:30 minutes per kilometer.  Yes, I haven’t been that fast for some time now though I do miss the time that I was always chasing a sub 1 finish time.  Consistency, hard work and making sure my legs were in tip top condition (Thanks to NY Theraspine), I was back to running at a faster pace.  Now that I’m gaining some speed, I guess it’s time to rebuild my endurance for the longer races ahead.  Enjoying the running lifestyle also means taking care of your muscles with proper rest and therapy.

Visit NY Theraspine

Anatomy Trains by NY Theraspine

  • 2135 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, 1230
  • Contact Nunmbers: (02) 834 1264 and (0917) 5422415
NY Theraspine Inc
  • 73-G Dr. Lazcano St. Brgy Laging Handa, Quezon City
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 375-1035; (02) 921-9831
  • Facebook page: NY Theraspine
  • Website:

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