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Now Featuring: Da Vinci – The Genius

Posted by on 29. August 2013

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An illuminati mask with a handwritten manuscript written in Leonardo da Vinci’s special mirror image writing style led me to the doors of Mind Museum on the 28th of August, 2013 in an instameet event which unveiled an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Work aptly titled, Da Vinci – The Genius.

It all begins with an illumanti mask and a coded manuscript

The Mind Museum has opened its doors to the most comprehensive traveling exhibition by the world renowned Grande Exhibitions Australia on Leonardo da Vinci for a limited time only from the 1st of September til the 30th of November.  The exhibit has been made available to 51 cities in the world featuring over 200 pieces of Lenardo da Vinci’s extraordinary work from paintings, war machines, flying machines to his codices.  The exhibit will bring back guests to the brilliance of Da Vinci’s as he laid the groundwork of some of  the society’s most impactful inventions, such as the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, parachute and the bicycle.  Most of the exhibits are interactive and provides guests an extraordinary experience towards understanding the history, theory and concepts behind his designs and artworks.

A Video Perspective of the Last Supper

Many exhibits are interactive and could be pushed, pulled and touched for better understanding.  Other highlights include reproductions of “Virgin of the Rocks”, “The Annunciation”, the controversial new Leonardo discovery “Bella Principessa”, amazing anatomical sketches, the preparatory drawings of the “Anghiari Battle,” and video presentations of “The Last Supper,” the “Vitruvian Man,” and the “Sforza Horse” sculpture that offer never before seen perspectives on these famous works.

The illuminati was there as a guide to the exhibit

What’s a look back at Da Vinci without a series of task to unlock a riddle?  We were all handed a manuscript on different instagram task wherein you find inspirations in Da Vinci’s work to come up with creative photos from each section and the most creative gets a shot at the final task.  It was a great way to explore and understand the exhibit and at the same time enjoy being in Da Vinci’s world at the time of his brilliance.  He was arguable one of the greatest genius of all time with arts invoking a lot of discussions to this date and inventions that we still get to see to this day.  This was my first instameet event so I went on to enjoy the artworks through the instagram tasks.

Mona Lisa’s Smile #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #DaVinciTheArtist @themindmuseum

I started with Mona Lisa as part of the tribute to Da Vinci as an artist.  I’ve actually seen the Real Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris way back in 2003.

The Catapult #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #DaVinciTheEngineer @themindmuseum

Some of Da Vinci’s creations were weapons of war so came the framework of the catapults, the tanks and multi-directional Gun Machine.

#SelfieS #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #DaVinciTheScientist @themindmuseum

The mirror room was able to generate a lot of Selfies.  The eight sided mirror was one of DaVinci’s Invention wherein he noted that if a person stood inside, he will be able to see every part of himself endless time.

Time to Fly #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #DaVinciFatherofFlight @themindmuseum

Da Vinci was also able to play around with the idea of flying and started conceptualizing flying equipments and parachute.

The Mind in Drafts #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #TheVinciCodices @themindmuseum

Another interesting fact with Da Vinci was he wrote in a mirror image writing style which somehow coded his manuscripts.

Bike. Bike. Bike. #DaVinciTheGeniusPH #DaVinciTheInventor @themindmuseum

Da Vinci as an inventor was able to lay the ground work of some devices today and that includes the bike.  I was really amazed at seeing a bike here.  I hope I can use it for duathlons.

Da Vinci – The Genius

Da Vinci was definitely a genius ahead of his time and his creation has encompassed various fields.  There were also some interesting discussions with fellow participants on his works and even the controversies from his work and from recent literature.  There is also an Audio Visual Room where you get to watch his life.  Da Vinci – The Genius brings you back to those times and tackles some of the theories and concepts that influenced his work.  The Mind Museum serves as your portal to the past to appreciate Da Vinci’s life, works, motivations and how his works has changed the landscape of  arts and technology.

“Da Vinci – The Genius” Traveling Exhibition Now in Manila

  • Come and experience this premier exhibition starting September 1 – November 30, 2013 at The Mind Museum, Special Exhibition Hall
  • Ticket Purchases: (via or museum ticket booth)
    • Da Vinci only:  Php 250 (Adult); Php 200 (Children/Students)
    • 3-hour Museum + Da Vinci: Php 800 (Adult); Php 600 (Children/Private school students) Php 300 (Public school students and teachers)
    • All-Day Museum + Da Vinci:  Php 950

Visit The Mind Museum at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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