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November Resolutions

Posted by on 2. November 2011

“Why wait for January when you can keep a monthly resolution?”

November starts with 11.1.11 and would have 11.11.11 in a few days and somehow, you get the feel that this month’s special.  I just came up with an idea that while we wait for January in gleeful anticipation for a new beginning.  We can actually have a monthly or even a weekly resolution.  Maybe that’s the reason we miss so many resolutions is that we promise something we would do for the rest of the year.  A monthly and weekly resolution is probably a more realistic task as you can reset or maybe even upgrade it regularly.  It’s as simple as laying out what you want to achieve in a month and going for it.

November Resolutions

  • Be fit

Since I’m into running, being fit should be out of the question but no, I still want to do more to build core muscle strength and reduce excess flabs (that’s a lot of work).  I used to do 200 push ups and 200 sit ups at least 3 times a week but wasn’t consistent in doing it so that’s a target for this month. It’ll do me good once I resume my 21K training and races.

  • Be thrifty

I’m always a big spender every month and I now want to keep excess spending at a minimum.  After all, it’s not how much you earn that matters, it’s how much you save and with the holiday season approaching fast, it’ll be good to have the excess cash for maybe a not so thrifty month of December.  Now, Let me think who’s been naughty or nice for December???

  • Be Slim

For some reason after doing my first 21K and several low intensity runs, I somehow feel bloated again so back to reduced meals for me.  I really want to reduce maybe about 5 pounds or more to add more speed to my runs.  Running light is a lot better than running heavy and to finally settle at a leaner shape.   Of course, it should do me well to be slim and with a faster metabolism once those holiday pounds do come in.

  • Be Patient

With another board meeting fast approaching, I’d want to try lengthening my patience and just get the work done.  Whine less, do more.  Even if some people don’t deserve the patience given to them, it maybe  better just ignoring their annoying ways.  You’ll need all the effort to eke out a good day.  If things are not in the right place, learn to improvise.  If things get difficult, learn to survive.  If things get to be impossible, learn to move forward.

  • Be Thankful

November has started on the right foot and I am ever so thankful. Finally have my first published article, Lovin La Bellarocca in the November Issue of Yapak Travel and Leisure magazine. Time to start thinking of my next article.  I’m also thankful for being a part of Team Total Fitness and being featured as part of the team in the November Issue of Total Fitness Magazine.  It’s also been great writing several write ups on Team Total Fitness Facebook page and having increased readership in this pages.  I’m loving the fact that my byline is back and I’m back to my writing roots.

These would be the five resolutions for the month.  It’s not gonna be easy but it’s gonna be fun.  It’s gonna be exciting yet it’s gonna be challenging.  It does take great deal of focus to get things done.  I’m sure this month’s gonna be great and I hope to sneak in a travel or two in my schedule.  It’s a wait and see how far I’d go on my November Resolutions but it does give a goal to see and a framework to follow.

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