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My Super 7

Posted by on 12. July 2012

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#Super 7

I’m not really one to say I’m good with photos but still, I have tens of thousands of  photos with me.  I enjoy taking photos and also being a part of them so when I was tagged by Mai Flores, Budget Byahera on her 7 Super Shots.  I said it would be exciting looking for 7 Super Shots from thousands of photos.  It was not only exciting it was extremely difficult.  Four days after, here I am having my Super 7.

Takes My Breath AwayBoracay, Philippines

I love sunsets and I managed to take this shot using my mobile phone.  I’m drawn to this shot because somehow I like how the elements combined for this Boracay sunset picture.  Willie’s rock, some Paraws, stratocumulus clouds and the setting sun.

Makes Me Smile

Makati, Philippines

The celestial smile came at a time when I didn’t find any reason to smile but when my friend told me that to look up in the sky.  There it was a Crescent Moon below the Planet Venus.  I took my camera and zoomed in from my window and took this photo.  Hey, if the universe can smile and so can I.

Makes Me Dream

Baguio City, Philippines

I’m actually in this picture so obviously I didn’t take it but the planning and the idea of how this photo should look like was mine.  Took the superman ride from tree top adventure in Camp John Hay and did this with my Superman shirt, Superman shoes and the distinct Superman flying pose.  Please don’t tell the world I’m Super Franc.

Makes Me Think

Bellarocca, Marinduque, Philippines

The thing about rainbows is you only get them after or during  the rain.   As they say, if you want to see the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.  It makes me think that no matter how difficult things get, there will always be something nice that would come out of it.

Makes My Mouth Water

Makati City, Philippines

I love ice cream and like it fruity.  This is one reason I love Melona Ice Cream and since it was available at a nearby Ministop store.  I got 5 bars and stored it in my refrigerator for future consumption… and by future, I meant just one day.  So back to buying by the piece for me unless I’d like to gain weight.

Tells A Story

Bellarocca, Marinduque, Philippines

My Mom and my Aunt has never done anything adventurous in terms of water sports and here’s a picture that shows that they conquered their fears and Kayak around the island.    Just since they are on an adventurous streak, they even dared to do some snorkeling after this.

Makes Me Proud (A.K.A. My Worthy of National Geographic Shot)

Pearl Farm, Davao

Ever wondered why an infinity pool is called such, I hope this shot explains it.   I like how the water brought out the mirror image of the structures above it and how the welcome hut, the boat and the trees of the island were just in the right place at the right time.


That was tough but I sure did have fun compiling them.  It may not be as awesome as those taken by Professionals but each photo meant a lot to me and I am extremely proud of.  I wish you would enjoy my Super 7.

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What’s your Super 7 Shots?

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