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My Runnr’s Haul

Posted by on 19. September 2016

Runnr has been a home to most of the brands for runners and fitness enthusiasts.  The thing that keeps me coming back to their shop is that they keep on innovating and developing new items for their market.  Check out some of their new items that you can add in your fitness journey and lifestyle.



It’s about a 100 days for Christmas and there are some Runnr items that’s worth adding to your Christmas shopping list.  In terms of brands, there are indeed a lot of brands worth noting at Runnr. There’s the fast and furious Newton Running shoes. You got the shoe encrypted with the Runners’ DNA in Brooks. There’s compression technology in CWX and CEP.  You also get a lot of hydration, timing and race nutrition specific items and a lot more at Runnr and Toby’s.  Runnr has been a one-stop shop that cater to the needs of the runners.

Here are some items now available at Runnr:

  • FuelBelt H30- SRP P1,995


What can a 3 bottle fuel belt do that 1 or 2 bottle fuel belt can’t? It’s all about flexibility.  You can convert it into a one bottle belt by using only the middle bottle for the shorter runs. You can convert is to a two-bottle belt by using the two outer bottles for the middle distance run. You can go all out with a three-bottle belt for the long runs.  That’s like having three belts for the price of one.

You also get the super lightweight technology of Fuel Belt. They have the Helium Hex Foam which makes the belt breathable and comfortable.  It’s water repellent so you are sure that it won’t get heavy once you start sweating from the run.  The bottles are easy to grip, which can really save you a lot of time when ever you hydrate on a run.  It also has a pouch at the side to keep your phones and other valuables on the run.

  • Fuelbelt Poly Carb Bottle – SRP 595

With our normally warm humid weather, it’s always best to bring some water or hydration.  That’s where Fuel Belt Polycarb bottles can come in handy.  It’s lightweight, durable and it’s transparent.  It’s compact, which you can easily squeeze in your bag.  It’s leak-proof screw top will keep the fluid secure as well as won’t get you worried of any spillage inside your bag.   It’s wide opening makes it easy for refills as well as cleaning.  The transparent cylinder will keep any unwanted debris visible so you can either clean the bottle or replace the fluid.  It sure beats just packing several mineral water at your bag.

  • Runnr Frio Bottle – P495

Frio bottles have added insulation to keep fluids cooler inside.  It’s best to have the bottles on outdoor activities as the added frio insulation will keep the water cooler a lot longer than any other container.  It’s nice that Runnr came up with their own branded bottle.  It’s also a lot taller than regular bottles, which means it can have more liquids though at the same time may not be as compact to fit a bottle cage for bikes.  With a sleeker built, it’s ideal for the outside side pockets of bags on hikes or on gym bags for other outdoor activities.

  • FuelBelt Super Stretch Belt – P895

I always need extra pockets or space to tuck in some of my stuff when I am running.  For races, I usually have a phone for emergency purposes, gels for race nutrition and space for some money and my car key.  I can fit all of them including my race bib in the Fuel Belt Super Stretch Belt.  I’ve always used race bib holders as it keeps race bib more secure.  Race pins can cause some distortion on the race shirt and can even give you rust stains.  The super stretch belt has four gel loops, that’s enough race nutrition to fuel a marathon.  It has a lace lock for bibs.  It has Fully adjustable fit with snap buckle closure and Helium Hex Padding to keep the belt secure and comfortable.   The stretchable compartment can fit my phone, my car key and some money.

  • Runnr Shirt – P495

I love statement shirts that can inspire others or drive you to strive better.  Runnr shirts has always showed character.  They are simple yet they do say so much on your passion.  They also come in cool colors and really nice designs.  At the same time, they remain affordable for an non-workout day outfit for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Runnr Sling Bag

The Runnr Sling bag is the perfect work out bag. It has a shoe compartment at the inside of the bag.  It also have the capacity for your basic workout gear.  It’s compact and much easier to carry than other workout bags.  It so compact that I just keep it in within my line of sight whenever I workout and the gym.  It’s also a good outdoor bag that can fit a lot of items (like clothes, shoes, towels and bottles of hydration.

Do visit the different Runnr stores to check on new items for your running and fitness journey.

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