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Midnight Run 2013

Posted by on 3. November 2013

Got all my loop cords and my finisher shirts.

“All Hallows Eve comes but once a year and the Greentennial team has come up with the innovative Midnight Run to celebrate the occasion in all the fancy and scary costumes and a whole community of runners who’s eager to have fun on Halloween.”

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St. Peter Midnight Run Launch – Photo by Jose Ramirez

Midnight Run

It’s the second year of the Midnight Run and it’s gone more innovative this year.  Would you believe the  launch event was at a memorial Chapel of the Title Sponsor, St. Peter in Quezon Avenue?  St. Peter staff ushered us in all in their creepy costumes and their traditional pink casket.  That’s just how innovative St. Peter Midnight Run is and I haven’t even talked about the actual event yet.  Metrowalk, Ortigas is the starting point of the run and the vicinity of Ortigas would be home to Monsters, Superheroes, Cartoon Characters, Hollywood Icons and people in Masks.

I got myself a Casey Jones mask for the event.

The Race

Z Franc Shirt, Casey Jones Mask and my Running Gear – Photo by Mark Jason T. Antonio of the Running Photographers.

I was in Metrowalk as early as past 6 PM since I have to leave Makati before Traffic got worst in Makati since there was an event happening there at the same time.  It was ok with me since I had time for coffee, dinner and had time chatting with some friends.  As the night went deeper, more costumed runners came which just shows that everybody came prepared for this event.  I went with the Casey Jones mask, my Z Franc Shirt and my running gear.  I didn’t want to take risks in the running gear department since I would have a half marathon over the weekend.  The Casey Jones Mask was the complete mask, compared to the shattered mask I wear at Outbreak Missions Event.

A Human Version of My Zombie

Aside from being in costume, everybody was in their laid back persona and the run is more about the fun and the festivities.  I choose the 5K distance for this one so it’ll be more about enjoying the event than being conscious of the time.  There were also 10K, 7K and 3K distance offered for the event and seeing Ortigas flooded by these characters was really amazing and entertaining.  It’s not everyday that you get costumed runners conquering your city.

Glad to see our Zomboss from Outbreak Manila enjoying the event as well.

I paired up with fellow OMZs Ms. Tezza and Sir James for the event and paced with them the whole event.  They were not in their running gear so this would be a really easy paced run.  We were unleashed at 11:45 pm before midnight and funny that the group of costumed zombies was behind us and other people was saying that they should run faster since the zombies are nearby.  I hope they weren’t referring to us as we might have already brought in the aura of our zombie persona even in human form.  The interesting part of the race was that you need to get loop cords and kiss marks along the race course.  The first obstacle (which was for the ladies) was the Greentennial Hunks wherein they get to put a kissmark on the hunk of their choice.

Running the Midnight Oil.

The next was getting a loop cord from the graveyard and the hearse.  I took mine from the hearse and proceeded to the next area which was the kiss of the diva or rather kisses from divas as you’d be having a lot of kiss mark from this area.

Behind the Mask were the Kiss Marks.

The race then goes on a long stretch of run in Julia Vargas before heading of the final area before the finish line and it was A Hunted House.  The hunted house was creepy with the placed enveloped by smoke and you have to get one loop cord from the white casket.  Good thing, there was no one in the casket.  That would have been scary if someone from the casket would grab your hand while getting the loop cord.  The smoke effect did the trick in creating a spooky environment as it can really surprise you in an instant.

Out of the Hunted House

After the hunted house, we proceeded to the loot bag and finisher shirt area and went on to enjoy the festivities.   The post event was even more outstanding with all the costumed runners in the area.  There were awards for several categories the costume contests, the most number of kiss marks for the Greentennial Hunks and a raffle draw.  The festivities lasted ’til dawn with everybody treated to memorable midnight run and each expectant of another one next year.

Post Race with OMZs

Midnight Run

Congratulations for a great St. Peter Midnight Run to it’s title sponsor for their all-out support for the event and to the Greentennial Team for another creative run concept.   Also, cheers to the various running groups who volunteered and contributed to the success of the event.

See you next year!

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