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#MensHealth Launches MensHealth.PH with #YouImproved Project

Posted by on 22. June 2015

I have a new look and so does Men’s Health Philippines.  Men’s Health gave us an exclusive self improvement experience last June 20, 2015 at Sports Barbers, SM Mall of Asia as part of #MHYouImprovedProject.  The makeover doesn’t stop with us though as Men’s Health is going online with MensHealth.PH.  It’s a bigger, stronger and faster way to connect with their readers as they are now available 24/7 with fresh contents and new concepts.

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#MHYouImproved Project

Having a Haircut while reading the fresh posts from MensHealth.PH

I remember that a lot of our father and son bonding time when I was a kid happened in the barber shop. It’s our time together and from having a fresh haircut, to seeing my dad sharing stories with our favorite barber and to the obligatory meal or snack after the hair cut.  It was father’s day every time it was time for a haircut.  Though I got to enjoy this process only a few years because my dad eventually passed away when I was 16.  I did remember the last thing he taught me was how to shave my then growing beard at 4th year high school.  It was a right of passage and I guess that was the last lesson I needed to learn before he can let me go in life.  Being in a barber shop on father’s day just brings up my father’s memories and I guess even if he was only there half of my life, he did a great job in molding me to be a responsible person.

I definitely need a haircut and a shave.

It was just perfect Father’s Day and a day at the barber.  I’m just glad that after the growth of saloons around the Metro, there are now also a large number of barber shops to choose from and Sports Barbers is one of them.  It just brings back the father and son bonding times memories.  Men’s Health plucked out an ace in their pocket by choosing a barber shop for Father’s Day. It’s where men wants to be pampered and yes, Men’s Health did pamper us for this one.  Aside from the complimentary grooming services including haircut, shave, shampoo, massage and nail cleaning, we also got a hearty meal provided by Burger Lab and loads products and services including Gilette, Safe Guard and Head and Shoulders as well as Men’s Health Workout kits to push us to train better.

Baber shop time

Aside from a chance to talk to your barber, having a haircut is also your alone time where you can read up on newspapers and magazine.  In this case, we had tablets and viewing the newly launched www.menshealth.ph website.  I always love reading while having my haircut. I gave my barber a free rein on what he wants to do with my hair, so can use this time to be entertained browsing over the website.  I love the feature on the benefits of working out in the wild since I just love to do treks and trails.  There are features on how getting abs requires exercising all your muscle groups and not just through crunches.  Then there’s a feature on Valeen Montenegro on having a sense of humor.  I got a lot of reading time since I got the full range of service available that day (Haircut, Shave, Shampoo and Nail Cleaning) and that’s the advantage of booking for an earlier time slot that day.

And here’s how it turned out.

I liked how it turned out, I hope you like it too.  By the way, Sports Barbers is located at SM Mall of Asia. They also have other branches mainly in the south area.  I also enjoyed the other pampering services.  Of course, the pampering services became even better with the exclusive first look of Men’s Health Philippines website, MensHealth.PH. I’m really excited with the website as the Philippines is such an internet savvy country. This can give faster and timely features for fitness advocates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check out Men’s Health Magazine too.

Men’s Health June Issue is also now available on newsstands and in book stores, convenience stores and super markets nationwide.  A digital edition of Men’s Health is also available for download on your mobile through Apple Newsstand, Buqo and Zino.

For more details visit, https://www.summitnewsstand.com.ph/mens-health.  Follow Men’s Health on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/menshealthphilippines, on twitter and instagram @MensHealthPH

With Blogger Rene Villarta, Grace Enriquez and Anya Ong of Summit Media

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