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March Attack

Posted by on 2. March 2012

“It’s always great to set a day to appreciate life!!!”

The Cons

March isn’t always the easiest month for me.  It’s the time of year, when we chase 100+ pages worth of annual report and trust me, there’s never an easy way getting over this hump even if I’ve been preparing this type of report all of my professional life.  I’ve always said that Accounting is such an insecure profession with the new pronouncements and amendments in the standards year in and year out. OK, maybe I should make use of a more dynamic word like evolving.  As the pages grew thicker, the number of users who do understand the report become fewer.  It’s time to adopt a new accounting principle, the principle of Simplicity.

Simple hasn’t been what my life is all about the past few weeks with the annual rush for the full year financial announcements which finally was over two days ago.  I did try to fit in my usual training routine in the middle of all the overtimes and the end result was I was down with flu during crunch time.  Everybody has there limits and I’ve reached mine so for a change I took a half day leave just for rest today.  I should take a week off just to clean my garage… err, I meant my room.

The Pros

Even if there would be a million reasons not to like this month, I’ll still love it for one significant reason… It’s my birth month.  And I’m turning a year older (nah?) in a weeks time.  Not much fanfare as it used to be.  Not much celebration either.  Hopefully, not much expenditure either.  It’s still great to just look back at the day you were born.  It’s a celebration whether you spend it with so many people or a select few.  This topic is reserved for another time (wink).

The Things I Look Forward to

Topping the list of the things to look forward to is my first duathlon event. Unless there would be a scheduling conflict or another wave of busy spell, it’s a GO.  With the several interruptions in trainings, I’m not even sure if I’m ready to go but it’s gonna be fun to try and try hard to finish my first duathlon event.  Either way if I DNF, it’s also a first.  Let experience be my teacher.

It’s also the start of summer.  Vacations and weekend camps are in the pipeline and by the end of the month, it’s gonna be all systems go.   Here I come #itsmorefuninthephilippines!!!  Racing and vacation would start blending in. Even I’m missing my time in the racing ground, training has been fun and hectic.    There’s a glut in races after Condura and towards the middle of March, there will be more races to choose from.

Then there’s a time in the month after I’m able to give the final go signal in the printing of the annual report.   It’s a signal of the end of my busy days and the start of the time I can with a clear conscience consider my other professional options.  It’s gonna be difficult but I’ll get there and it’ll all happen before this month ends.


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