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Make the Most Out of Your Apple Watch with yurbuds Wireless

Posted by on 1. October 2015

yurbuds wireless works well with Apple Watch

I’ve always been on the look out for a device I can pair with the yurbuds wireless that could match its battery life and is also lightweight.  I found a match in the Apple Watch.  While a lot of the Apple Watch’s features is dependent on the iPhone, you can actually load up to 2 gig worth of music and play them using the yurbuds wireless.  It sure beats having to carry your phone while working out.

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Yurbuds Wireless Leap

Running with yurbuds Wireless Leap

When it comes to running or working out, music helps a lot.  It gives you a mental edge.  It keep your mind occupied to get past the distance, the pain and the routine of running.  yurbuds, which is now powered by JBL, has several Bluetooth-enabled wireless device that takes away all the uncomfortable wires.  You just have to pair it with your phone and you can access the phone’s music as well as voice commands via Siri.  The yurbuds wireless can last you 6 long hours, which is enough to power you with music for a full marathon.

You get a mental edge when you are running with Music

The thing about running, especially when you go longer, is that you want to run as light as you can.  It’s also possible that you are preserving your battery life on your phone to make important calls especially when there are emergencies.  There’s an alternative device to source music to be paired with yurbuds wireless and that’s the Apple Watch.  It’s still new in the market and its features are largely dependent on the functionality of the iphone.  It has some standalone features like the health apps and music.  Yes, you can play music straight from your watch since you can use up to 2 gig of the watch memory for music. You get a handy music source plus it has longer battery life that can take you working out for hours.

Loading Music

  • Go to the setting panel of the watch in the iPhone. Select Music to go to music settings window.

  • In the Music Panel, you can set the synced playlist and the playlist limit. Max limit is 2 Gig.  Make sure the watch is connected to the charging device on your computer.

  • Select the music you would like to Sync to the watch. If the watch is connected to the charger, the music would automatically be synced to the watch.

  • After doing the steps above, the music should already be on the Apple Watch

Playing Music from the Watch

  • Go to the app view on the Apple Watch and click on the Music app (It’s the one with the musical note)

  • Once you are in the music app, press the screen until it shows you the menu below. Select Source.

  • Once you select source, you’ll be redirected to a screen where you get to choose whether to use the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Select Apple Watch.

  • When you select the Apple Watch, you’ll be directed to the portion where you can sync your bluetooth device.

  • After it has detected and paired with the Blue-tooth, you’re good to go.

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