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Make Each Moment Matter With #PolarA300

Posted by on 6. August 2015

Polar A300 Measures it All.

We don’t usually notice them but we have those little habits that are not healthy nor ideal.  #PolarA300 measures it all.  It goes beyond being just an everyday watch as it’s an every second, every moment watch by tracking your activity.  As you track your activity, you’ll get to know habits you can keep and habits you can change.  It gives you a goal, inactivity alerts and measures it as the day goes by. 

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Polar A300

Running With Polar A 300

You really learn a lot more about your habits when you track your activities. I’ve been wearing Polar A300 for about a month now.  Polar A300 combines the feature of a regular digital watch and a fitness and activity tracker.  It measures everything from the number of steps you make, the estimated distance you’ve covered, the calories burned, the time you had sitting down, standing up, walking, running as well as the quality of your sleep.  You can also drill down on a specific activity like walking, running, cycling, core workouts and get the breakdown of the work out. There are three ways to view your activities. The watch can stand on its own as you get a percentage of your activity vs. your daily goal and once you meet it, you’ll get a notice.  You can also view a more detailed breakdown via the Polar Flow app you can sync via bluetooth on your phone.  Polar Flow desktop app on your computer will show you a calendar and a breakdown of the activities. Let’s see what I learned from the app over the last few weeks.

1) I Sit A Lot

Polar Flow Recap from Polar Flow Desktop App

That’s a weekly summary of the app and the large chunk of the activity is sitting.  That’s common for people like me who works in the office.  I work more than 8 hours a day and most of the time, I’m on the desk crunching numbers, writing posts and interacting with other colleagues via online tools.  Sitting for long periods is bad for your blood circulation, especially with your legs. Since it’s a low energy activity, it can really slow down your metabolism.  I guess most people working in the office gets to sit a lot especially when you do accounting and finance when you have to go over several spreadsheets, presentations, documents, emails and a lot more.  The important thing is that you give yourself a few walking breaks and some movements.

Here’s some of the things I did to reduce the sitting or inactive times.

  • Discuss instructions and ideas face to face instead of the usual email thread conversation.  It gets the flow of information faster and you can walk around the office.
  • Take the stairs. I’m staying in the 4th floor of a building at home and 9th floor at work.  Taking the stairs will burn you some calories plus it would improve your cardiovascular endurance.
  • Don’t order food or send someone to buy them for you. It would be good to walk around and choose the food you want.
  • Do your personal chores like going to the bank,when time allows it.
  • Be creative.

2) I Get Inactivity Alerts Too

Polar A300 prompts you when you have been inactive.

I’ve been conscious on not getting an inactivity alert.  Polar A300 prompts you to move if you have very low activity in an hour.  I try to avoid sitting for an hour so from time to time, I go around the office to discuss, get inputs or give instructions but of course, there would be those time that you get so hooked on what you are doing that you miss on time.  Funny how I now immediately stand up once I get the inactivity alert even when I am in a meeting.  I’ve reduced alerts to just one a day and that’s given that I sit about 8 or more hours a day.  My goal is zero inactivity alert everyday.  Maybe I should exchange my office chair to an  exercise ball

3) I Sleep A Lot Too and I am Proud of It

Polar A300 Monitors your Sleep and the Quality of your sleep.

Polar A300 monitors your sleep and the quality of your sleep.  One thing I’m proud of is that I get around 6-8 hours of sleep to recover.  That’s a big thing since I started my work life with a really work til you drop attitude when I was still in audit.  Between my work, maintaining this site and training, I am glad that I still get enough sleep.  My goal is to increase the restful sleep percentage. I really move a lot when I sleep so that explains the restless sleep.  Well, it’s still rest in my book.  Whenever I fall short of sleep on a weekday, I always try to add a few more hours of sleep on the weekend.

4) I Work Out Too

I spend 4-6 hours a week working out.

It’s off season for me as I don’t have key races in the next few months but that doesn’t mean, I can go lazy and live a sedentary life.  Being in the fitness lifestyle for the last 5 years, I know how it feels to lose all the fitness gains when ever I take a long hiatus from training.  It’s really hard to start so it would be better to be consistent.  I run at least 3 x a week.  I bike or do core workouts about once or twice a week. I also play basketball once a week.  I feel better that way.  I don’t feel bloated. I get a lot of endorphins and I am able to de-stress.  It’s also nice that Polar can tract each activity and I can also pair it with my bluetooth heart rate for better tracking when I work out. Polar is among the best in monitoring heart rate when working out.

5) Most of the Time, I Meet my Daily Goal

Congratulations, You have met your goal.

Between sleep, office life and training, I still manage to meet my goal because of the surge in activity when I train.  I guess about an hour of run can help you reach your daily goal.  The good thing about Polar A300 is that it can adopt to your level of activity as the goal can be set based on your activity level.  Level 1 goals is for those who have low activity level and does a lot of sitting.  Level 2 goals is more on those who have an active work. Level 3 is for the athletic type.  Based on the profile of my work, I would fall on level 1 but since I do train, I upgraded my goal to level 2 to challenge myself better.  I get to reach about 15,000 steps a day with Polar A300.

Polar Flow Makes You Move!

It’s Time To Move

Polar A300 can be the added boost and motivation for those living a sedentary lifestyle but can also complement those who have an active lifestyle.  You get to learn about your habits and change it for the better.  The good part with the Polar A300 is that even if most of the recap is app based, you can still go with just the watch on its own as it gives you a percentage of activity against your goals and also gives you inactivity alerts and also commendation when you meet your goal.  The app also gives you suggested activities to meet your daily goals, which does not limit to common workouts as it can be a regular chores you do on a normal day.

Polar A300 gives you suggested activities to meet your goal.

Polar A300 can definitely be your fitness edge as you get to understand your activities and goals better.  It’s time to turn those inactivity alerts into Congratulatory Remarks as you meet your goal.  Polar A300 retails at P11,195 with heart rate and P8,495 with heart rate and is available at Toby’s Stores.

Get this congratulatory message when you meet your goal.

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